Books, Manuscripts & Bound Printed Items

Relevant to the History of Cigars,

their Advertising, Packaging & Marketing

in the Collection of

H.A. Tony Hyman, Ed.D.

These are some printed and manuscript items obtained during my years collecting. Paper ephemera of less than four pages is not typically included.

This Bibliography is not an exercise in format discipline, but my personal working bib.  It does not religiously follow Turabian, Chicago or Times formats. It is idiosyncratic, built by me for me.

Unless otherwise indicated, the entry is for an original document physically in my library. Some entries are photocopies of journal or magazine articles. Copies are usually identified with an [x].

This bib makes no claims for completeness or accuracy. Groupings are the result of my perceived needs for projects.  Inconsistencies are either deliberate or accidental.

Tony Hyman

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