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       This is a list of documents I own as originals or as photo copies. It is not a complete list. This list was created for me by me. It is arranged for my ease of use and follows no specific bibliographic form. This document and the information herein is provided for your information, saving you years of research. It is not to be copied, duplicated, scanned, photographed or reproduced in any way in whole or part without my written permission.

      This Bibliography DOES NOT INCLUDE most items listed in my topical bibs, except when a book or article is considered of general interest. General histories, label histories, or histories of the printing industry are found in the “Other” bibliography.

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Saarony, Amir. “Tobacco Token: Collecting Cigar Band Art,” in RICH GUY (Summer, 2004), pages 44-46. Original mag in mint condition.

Sannes, Barbara Anderson.  "Cigar Manufacturing" in ALMA ON THE MISSISSIPPI: 1848-1932.  Alma, WI:  The Alma Historical Society, 1980.

Sayers, Ed.  "Smoke Rings and Memories,"  UPSTATE MAGAZINE (April 13, 1986), p13.  Xerox copy.

Schneider, Dorothee.  “The New York Cigarmakers Strike of 1877,” LABOR HISTORY, Vol. 26, #3 (Summer, 1985), pp. 325-352.  Xerox copy

Schwartz, Alan.  “The Search for the World’s Best Cigar,” CONNOISSEUR  v214:#865 [sic] (March, 1984), pp.83-89.  9”x11” magazine. Breezy look at the state of the art of cigars in the 80’s.  Color illustrations.  Fine condition.

Schwimmer, Mike. ADVERTISING CIGAR BOX OPENERS: A Guide to Collecting the Small Tools Known as Cigar Box Openers that were Used by Manufacturers and Distributors of Cigars to Merchandise Their Product.  Lake Bluff, IL: by the author, 1997.  8.5”x11”   43 pages, xeroxed stapled original document in fine condition. Re-released with new material and 2008 ©.

Sculley, Francis X. "Tioga-Steuben Counties: Area Tobacco Once Nationally Known,"  SUNDAY SPECTATOR  (Sunday, January 25, 1981) p7.  [  ]

Schuman, Evan, “From the Sidewalk to Sotheby’s, The Cigar Store Indian is a Piece of American Tobacco History” in CIGAR MAGAZINE v1:#1 (Winter 2004) pp 78-88. Like new magazine except wrinkles and tears on back cover.

Secrest, Clark, Lester Barnett and Vere Wiesley.  "The Somers Bros. A History."  TIN TYPE  v10:#4  (August 1980), pp 3-11. Original mag in fine condition.

Seltzer, Frank.  “Red Lion, PA: Cigar Town U.S.A.” in CIGAR MAGAZINE, v4: #4 (Winter 2007), pp 81-89. Removed from mag.

Shank, Michael W. “The Culture of Tobacco” in RURAL LANCASTER COUNTY TECHNOLOGY OF THE 1850’S. Community Historians Annual Number Eleven. Vol. 11: No. 6 (December, 1972). Pages 27-32. Lancaster, PA: Schaff Library, Lancaster Theological Seminary, 1972. 

Shanken, Marvin, Editor.  CIGAR AFICIONADO’S WORLD OF CIGARS.  Philadelphia: Courage Books, 1996.  Illus hardcover 11”x11” w/dj reprints of articles from magazine. Two articles by Tony Hyman.  As new.

Shellabarger & Wilson, Attorneys for Petitioner. IMPORTATION OF LEAF TOBACCO: BRIEF OF MESSRS. SHELLABARGER & WILSON TO THE SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY, December, 1883. No place or publisher. Paper covered, string bound 24 pp printed brief. Original near mint except paper cover split at spine. Unusual request that the Secretary of Treasury reverse a ruling and charge 75¢ tax instead of 35¢ tax. Argued by US Tobacco Growers regarding imported leaf packers, who were deliberately mixing 15% high grade leaf with lower grade leaf (85% determined tax).  Rare document.

Shelton, P.S., & Co., "Cigars -300,000," advertisement in BOSTON DAILY ADVERTISER, Vol. XLIII (Saturday, June 30, 1838), p.1. Offers "Principe of various celebrated brands in quarter boxes and 500,000 Havanas" and "250 bales St.Jago leaf, light and dark" for sale at #4 Indian wharf. Original paper in fine.

Sherman, Joel.  A PASSION FOR CIGARS. Kansas City: Andrews and McMeel, 1996.  160p hardcover w/dust jacket. dedication on end paper, o/w mint.

Sherman, Milton M.  ALL ABOUT TOBACCO.  Woodside, NY:  P.M. Sherman Corp, 1970 (revised 1974).  Paperback.

Shindle, Richard D. “Lancaster’s Infamous Counterfeiters, “ JOURNAL OF THE LANCASTER HISTORICAL SOCIETY, v83, 1979  [mint condition copy on file in 3 ring binder]

Shriver, Jerry. "Not just blowing smoke," USA TODAY (Monday, november 22, 1999), p. 7D. Xerox. Includes suspect list of "Century's 10 greatest puffers that includes Auerbach and not Castro! Preposterous. Xerox copy.

Siemssen, Julius, Esq. (Compiler).   RECORDS OF THE HISTORY, LAWS, REGULATIONS, AND STATISTICS OF THE TOBACCO TRADE OF THE UNITED KINGDOM.  London: London Chamber of Commerce, Inc., 1886. [hb]

Silberberg, Louis (Manager of the Habana Cigar Company). TOBACCO: ITS USE AND ABUSE.  London: The Habana Cigar Company, 1893. Hardcover, 6.5"  x  4" minimally illustrated. Weak binding; covers, end paper and some pages of text badly water stained.  Also have partial xerox copy, includes tour of London docks, Cuban prices, etc.

Silberman, Samuel J. and Philip A. Thompson. A NEW YARDSTICK FOR PROFIT ANALYSIS: A Research Project Sponsored by Consolidated Cigar Corporation prepared by Marketing Services Company division of Dun & Bradstreet.  Brooklyn: Dun & Bradstreet, 1955.  92 pp, illus w/charts and graphs. Mint condition.

Simon, A.M.  A LABEL AND LIVES - THE STORY OF THE CIGAR MAKERS. Pamphlet reprinted from PEARSON'S magazine (January 1917). [o]

Smill, Eva.  THE STOGY INDUSTRY ON THE HILL IN PITTSBURGH, PA., 1920. MA Thesis.  Pittsburgh: Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1920.  [xerox]

Smith, Harry Edwin. THE UNITED STATES FEDERAL INTERNAL TAX HISTORY FROM 1861 TO 1871. New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1914.

Hardcover 358 page, no dj, 5 1/2” x 8 1/4” in solid ex library condition.

Smith, J. Harmar. “Two Cases of Paralysis of the Portio Dura of the Seventh Pair of Nerves; with Observations on the Effects of Tobacco-Smoking,” in PROVIN-CIAL MEDICAL & SURGICAL JOURNAL Number 41 (October 8, 1845), pages 612-614. Suggests dangers to the nervous system may result from tobacco, though unproven. Fine condition original magazine.

Snider, Ron.  "Trying to Match the Cuban Cigar,"  THE WASHINGTON STAR (Dec. 16, 1975), p?   Clipping.

Snowdon, Richard Ward. "The Uplifting of a Great Industry: How Scientific Methods of Growing, Curing, and Blending Tobacco Leaf Have Revolutionized the Cigar Business," THE SCRAP BOOK - ADVERTISING SECTION (September, 1906). 4 unnumbered 7"x10" b/w pp ad sponsored by the Tobacco Trust's Triangle A brands. Some possibly useful photos and text.

Sobel, Robert. THEY SATISFY. New York: Anchor Press, 1978. Not in the NCM library. Reference used by Dick Elliott in guest article.

Sonntag, John.  NO MORE TOMORROW.  New York: Exposition Press, 1952. [ ] Novel which roughly parallels history of DWG.


_______.  THE POSITION TOBACCO HAS EVER HELD AS THE CHIEF SOURCE OF WEALTH TO VIRGINIA. Richmond, VA: “Presented by the” Southern Fertilizing Company, 1876. Original, 6"x9" 22pp glue bound. Frayed cover, front cover partly unglued, has been folded in half, probably to fit in someone's pocket.

Spanbauer, Larry. OSHKOSH’S CIGAR INDUSTRY.  8.5” 11” spiral bound paper covered, 150 pages. Profusely illustrated in color. Oskosh: by the author, 2015.  A tremendous effort makes this one of the best city compilations ever.

Order from <>

Recommended by Dr. Hyman

Spedden, Ernest.  THE TRADE UNION LABEL.  Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science Series xxviii, Number 2.  Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press, 1910.  Xerox copy in drawer.  GREAT!

Spinden, Herbert J. TOBACCO IS AMERICAN: THE STORY OF TOBACCO BEFORE THE COMING OF THE WHITE MAN.  New York: The New York Public Library, 1950. Publication number 2 Arents Tobacco Collection. Hardcover 5 5/8" x 8 3/8". 120 pages plus plates in rear. Cover damage from hot cup or pot. Ex libris; library barcode on back cover. Also have Xerox copy.

Starch, Daniel, and staff.  MALE AND FEMALE INFLUENCE ON CIGAR SMOKING. A Study with Husbands and Wives in 150 Households prepared for Fawcett Publications, Inc.  Mamaroneck, NY: Daniel Storch & Staff, 1960.  [x]

Steinmetz, Andrew. TOBACCO: ITS HISTORY, CULTIVATION, MANUFAC-TURE, AND ADULTERATIONS. The title on the cover is TOBACCO VERSUS THE DOCTORS.  London: Richard Bentley, 1857. Hardcover 6 5/8” x 4 1/4” 174 printed pages + 4 pages of handwritten notations, much in Latin, on endpapers.

Stephenson, George E. "Poker Dogs," THE SHERIFF'S STAR-NEWS (xerox of clipping, 1960).

Stephenson, H.E. and Carlton McNaught, THE STORY OF ADVERTISING IN CANADA. Toronto: The Ryerson Press, 1940. Hardcover, 6” x 9 1/4”, 364 pages, illustrated, gift-dedicated, no dj, corner bumps ow fine condition.

Steuart, W.M.  REPORT OF THE QUANTITY OF LEAF TOBACCO HELD BY DEALERS AND MANUFACTURERS OCTOBER 1, 1912. Tobacco Report No. 1, Department of Commerce and Labor, Bureau of the Census.  Washington DC: GPO, 1912.  7 pages.  mailing fold.

Stevens, Alan (Ed.). HANDBOOK OF WORLDWIDE TOBACCO AND TRADE SILK ISSUES, (Cartophilic Reference Book No. 138). Windsor, England: The Cartophilic Society of Great Britain, 2007. Hardcover, illustrated 342 pages.  Like new condition.

Stevens, William H.S.  UNFAIR COMPETITION.  Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1917.  [  ]

Stephenson, H.E., and Carlton McNaught  THE STORY OF ADVERTISING IN CANADA: A Chronicle of Fifty Years. Toronto: The Ryerson Press. 1940. Hardcover, illustrated  6 1/4" x 9 3/8" in very good tight condition

Stewart, William Webner. LETTERS. Selection of letters written by Stewart (maker of JOHN HAY and BEN TRACY among others) while on buying trip to Cuba and Amsterdam. Also contracts, news clippings, ads, from Stewart's company. 1888-1920. Letters 1905. See Forry, Susan, for company history.

Stoddard, William Leavitt.  "Making Their Own Cigars,"  THE INDEPENDENT v104  (December 4, 1920),  pp340-41.  [x]

Stoughton, John Alden.  A CORNER STONE OF COLONIAL COMMERCE. Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, 1911. Illustrated 5.75” x 8.25” hard cover limited to 1,000 copies, 92 pages. Limited use., anecdotal focus on pre-cigar years. Excellent condition, minor foxing here and there. Also have photocopy.

Stout, Nancy. HABANOS: THE STORY OF THE HAVANA CIGAR. New York: Rizzoli, 1997. Hardcover w/dj, slightly oversize, illus. Exclusively modern. A “glory of...” type book of limited interest.

Strauss, Julius. CIGAR MANUFACTURING: A BRIEF ACCOUNT OF ITS EVOLUTION AND ITS PROGRESS. Typed 17pp copy of a February 1965 speech given by Strauss, Chairman of the Board of General Cigar to promote the invention of HTL. Good tidbits of history.

Sweeney, Thomas W. "San Antonio Razing Raises Texans' Ire: Illegal demolition spurs state legislation proposal," HISTORIC PRESERVATION NEWS Vol. XXXI: No. 5  (May, 1991), p. 1-3. Long article about Finck Cigar Co. building's destruction.

Swetnam, George.  "Brands to Burn,"  PITTSBURGH PRESS  (Sunday December 17, 1961),  pages 5-6.  [  ]

Swisher, Jno. H., & Son, Inc.  KING EDWARD PRESENTS CIGARAMA!  Hard to find 5"x7" comic book style brochure explaining company operations. Produced by Custom Comics, NYC,  in association with Jacksonville ad agency for Swisher, 1957.

_______.  SUGGESTED TOURS THROUGH FLORIDA AND THE STORY OF KING EDWARD CIGARS. 5.5"x8.5" paper covered 40 page brochure. Detailed explanation of how cigar making machines work. Illus for large factories. Near mint condition.



Tabor, Stephen J.W., “Introduction of Tobacco into England,” THE BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL, Vol. XXXI: Number 8 (September 25, 1844), pp 156-160.  Perfect condition 20pp 5.75” x 9” magazine.

Tait, Lyal.   TOBACCO IN CANADA.  Tillsonburg, ON: Ontario Flue Cured Marketing Board, 1968.  560 pp, hardcover w/dj, some illus.  Fine condition.

Tampa Cigar Manufacturers Association. RELAX WITH A FINE TAMPA CIGAR. 4.5"x5.5" card covered stapled 34pp promotional brochure.  Clever die-cut cover. Illus throughout. Recipes and Cuesta Rey ad.

_______. THE STORY OF THE WORLD'S FINEST HANDMADE CIGAR.  Tampa: Tampa Cigar Manufacturers Association, n.d. [ca1952].

Tanner, Arthur Edmund.  TOBACCO: FROM THE GROWER TO THE SMOKER,  London: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd., 1912.  Hardcover 5" x 7.25" in excellent condition throughout. Very minor spine/cover damage.

_______.  TOBACCO: FROM THE GROWER TO THE SMOKER, 5th Ed.  Revised by A.G. Barr.  London: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd., date of revision unknown.  [  ]

Tasker, Fred.  “The decline and fall of Cuba’s cigar,” Knight-Ridder wire service.  Date unknown [1980’s]

Tatham, William.  AN HISTORICAL AND PRACTICAL ESSAY ON THE CULTURE AND COMMERCE OF TOBACCO. London: Vernor and Hood, 1800.  Facsimile reprint in Herndon, G.M.  330 pp, hardcover.

Tedesco, Michael, “Cigarette and Tobacco Cards: A Primer” in THE ADVER-TISING TRADE CARD QUARTERLY. Vol. III: Number 1 (Spring, 1996), pages 22- 24. Mint condition original magazine.

_______. “Cigarette and Tobacco Cards: Victorian “Beauties” and the “Sexy Sell” in THE ADVERTISING TRADE CARD QUARTERLY. Vol. III: Number 4 (Winter, 1996), pages 8-10. Mint condition original magazine.

Teiser, Ruth. “Sockeye, Cling, & The Golden State,“ THE AMERICAN WEST, Vol 6, #2 (March, 1969), pp 20-25.  xerox copy. 

Thomas, Ronald. POSTER STAMPS: THE ICONS OF THE INTERNATIONAL POSTER MOVEMENT. No place or date given. 40± page illustrated monograph. Xerox copy of history of this early 20th century phenomenon used by some cigar makers.

Tinajero, Araceli. EL LECTOR: A History of the Cigar Factory Reader. Translated by Judith E. Grasberg. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press, 2010. Hardcover w/dj, 6.25" x 9.25", 268 pages. Autographed by the author to someone else. Yellow marker. Very fine pristine condition otherwise

“Tobacco and Snuff Manufactory.”  Classified ad in THE DAILY ADVERTISER.  New York City, Wednesday, September 9, 1795.

[Tobacco Institute, The].  THE CIGAR INDUSTRY.  Washington, DC: The Tobacco Institute, Inc., 1959.  [  ]

_______.   CONNECTICUT & TOBACCO.  Washington DC: The Tobacco Institute, 1960.  [cp]

_______.   CONNECTICUT & TOBACCO.  Washington DC: The Tobacco Institute, Inc., n.d.  [ca1965].  [cp]

_______.   FLORIDA & TOBACCO.  Washington DC: The Tobacco Institute, Inc., 1960.  [cp]

_______.   ILLINOIS & TOBACCO.  Washington DC: The Tobacco Institute, Inc., 1965.  [cp]

_______.   KANSAS & TOBACCO.  Washington DC: The Tobacco Institute, Inc., 1965.  [cp]

_______.   MASSACHUSETTS & TOBACCO.  Washington DC: The Tobacco Institute, Inc., 1972.  [cp]

_______.   NEW YORK & TOBACCO.  Washington DC: The Tobacco Institute, Inc., 1972.  [cp]

_______.   OHIO & TOBACCO.  Washington DC: The Tobacco Institute, Inc., 1975.  [cp]

_______. ORIGINS AND DEVELOPMENT OF TOBACCO AGRICULTURE AND INDUSTRY IN: Wisconsin, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Kentucky, N. Carolina, 1960 ed. xerox all bound together.

_______.  PENNSYLVANIA & TOBACCO.  Washington DC: The Tobacco Institute, Inc., 1972.  [cp]

_______.  TOBACCO: THE INDUSTRY STORY.  Washington DC: The Tobacco Institute, Inc., 1959. Sanitized industry version of history without the Trust, tax evasion, etc. Complete heat-bound xerox copy, extensively marked with notes.

_______.   VIRGINIA & TOBACCO.  Washington DC: The Tobacco Institute, Inc., 1960.  [cp]

_______.   WISCONSIN & TOBACCO.  Washington DC: The Tobacco Institute, Inc., 1960.  [cp]

Tobacco Merchants Association. INDUSTRIAL RECOVERY ACT. New York: Tobacco Merchants Association of the U.S., 1933.  8p reprint of General Johnson's comments on the trade codes under the Industrial Recovery Act. Mint condition original.

Toner, Mike, “Ghosts of the Taino,” in ARCHEOLOGY, VOL. LXI; No. 2 (March/April 2008), p.50-53. Original magazine, marked, folded.

[Toro y Ca.]  SKETCHES, PORTO RICO 1904.  San Juan: Toro Y Ca., 1904.  40pp illus.  Paper covered company publication.

Tosdal, H.R.  “The Tobacco Industry Since the Dissolution of the Trust,” QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS, Vol XXIX #4 (August, 1915), pp 848-851. Read in NYPL. Not in the NCM collection.

Troutman, Scott. "When America had a good five-cent cigar," THE AMERICAN REVENUER (April, 1997), pp105-106. Clipping. Includes info on Tennessee cigar co.

Troxell, John P. “Machinery and the Cigarmakers,” QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS, vol. 48 (February, 1934), pp 338-347.

True, R.H.  THE MOLDS OF CIGARS AND THEIR PREVENTION.  Bulletin of the U.S. Department of Agriculture No. 109, June 11, 1914.  8pp mailing fold.

Trufax, Frank (pseud.). FRANK, TRUE FACTS TO SALESMEN. Philadelphia: Lehigh Printing Co and Bayuk Cigars, Inc., 1928. Softcover  5 3/8”  x  8” 80 pages with slight corner damage, light partial soil otherwise mint condition.

Tucker, A.B. "Cigars," in THE GOOD THINGS OF EARTH by Arthur Gray, publisher unknown, 1897.  Photocopy.

Turnbull, David. TRAVELS IN THE WEST, CUBA; WITH NOTICES OF PORTO RICO AND THE SLAVE TRADE. London: Longman, Orme, Brown, Green and Longmans, 1840. Read in NYPL  Not in the NCM collection.

Turner, H. and J. Fisher. THE SMOKERS', CHEWER'S, AND SNUFF TAKER'S COMPANION, AND TOBACCONISTS OWN BOOK: Being the best defence of Tobacco ever written...”.  Philadelphia, Turner & Fisher, 1841.  49 pages. Photocopy...heat bound.

Tyler, John [President of the U.S.].  MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, TRANSMITTING DOCUMENTS RELATIVE TO THE PRODUCTION, GROWTH, OR TRADE OF TOBACCO.  28th  Congress, 1st Session. Document #173, House of Representatives.  March 12, 1844.  6”x9” 160pp.  Numerous tables.  Fascinating look at tobacco trade and consumption throughout Europe, with comments of our trade delegation abroad about the sobriety, living conditions, roads,  and ports.  Early historical observations of tobacco plantings in Midwest. Gov’t document in recent hard cover, with plastic jacket.  Excellent condition, some foxing. Water stain on first few pages.

Tyrunculus. "On Segar Smoaking,"  THE NEW-YORK WEEKLY MAGAZINE (Wednesday, August 24, 1796)  V. II; #60.  Page 60.  Original newspaper in excellent condition.  Earliest editorial about cigars I’ve seen.


United Cigar Manufacturers Co. BURNING QUESTIONS, Robert Burns and Owl Edition. New York: United Cigar Manufacturers Co, August 1915.  9”x6” paper covered company publication, carried on by General Cigar Co. when it took over from United.  This is the only edition in the library printed by United.

United Cigar Stores. 1901-1926  OUR FIRST QUARTER CENTURY.  (n.p.; n.d. [1926])  20pp 4”x6” booklet in excellent condition.  History and financial status of United Cigar Stores.  [pb]

_______. A 25TH ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE PRESENTED TO MR. CHARLES A. WHELAN, PRESIDENT, UNITED CIGAR STORES COMPANY 1901-1926.  New York: United Cigar Co., 1926. Elegant 8" x 10 3/4" hardcover with full page tipped-in photos of company execs and one page of pasted-in bands from company cigar brands.A rare and beautiful book in like new condition. Originally only one copy was made for the banquet at the Hotel Vanderbilt but Whelan authorized 200 additional copies for persons of significance.  Autographed by Whelan, this is #32/200 presented originally to O.H. Davis.

_______. A BOOK ABOUT UNITED CIGARS FOR UNITED CIGAR SALES-MEN.  [N.P., 1926].  32p 5”x8” soft cover.  Training book describes product line, how to get smokers to switch brands, pricing, etc.  Rare treasure of information.  Condition sturdy, un-creased, but soiled slightly with long settled dust. 

_______. THE UNITED SHEILD, Silver Jubilee Number 1901-1926.  Vol. XXIII: No. 3 (April-May 1926). 48 p 8.5”x11” magazine. Cover damage and repair, inside excellent. Very useful to historians of the company.

_______. THE UNITED SHEILD. Vol. XXX: No. 2 (April, May, June 1933) 28pp 8.5" x 11" magazine published by United Cigar Stores and Associated Companies in the Interest of Better Service to the Public." Minor bruises.

US Congress.  BILLS TO AMEND THE FEDERAL CIGARETTE LABELING AND ADVERTISING ACT OF 1969 AMENDED BY THE PUBLIC HEALTH CIGARETTE SMOKING ACT OF 1969 TO DEFINE THE TERM “LITTLE CIGAR,” AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. (With H.R. 3828) This is H.R. 7482 and S. 1165 (serial No. 93-18) Washington: U.S. Printing Office, May 22-24, 1973 109pp. [x]

US Department of Agriculture.   SPECIAL STUDY ON CIGAR TOBACCO, Washington: GPO, 1961, 71pages, photocopy.

_______. TOBACCO: UNITED STATES AND STATE ESTI-MATES, 1866-1965;  TYPE AND CLASS ESTIMATES, 1919-1965.  Statistical Bulletin No. 454.  Washington DC: USDA Crop Reporting Board, 1970.  [  ]

_______. TOBACCO BEETLE AND HOW TO PREVENT DAMAGE BY IT. Farmers’ Bulletin No. 846. Prepared by G.A. Runner, Entomological Assistant, Southern Field Crop Insect Investigations, Bureau of Entomology. United States Department of Agriculture: Washington, DC: GPO. 1917 (slightly revised August, 1922). Paper covered 23 page stapled booklet 5 7/8” x 9 1/4” in near mint condition.

_______. TYPE CLASSIFICATION OF AMERICAN-GROWN TOBACCO. Bureau of Agricultural Economics Miscellaneous Circular No. 55 Prepared Under Authority of the United States Warehouse Act of August 11, 1916.  Issued January 1926. United States Department of Agriculture; Washington, DC: GPO, 1925.  Paper covered 15 page stapled booklet 3 3/4” x 6 3/4” in mint condition.

_______. UNITED STATES STANDARD TOBACCO SIZES. Miscellaneous Circular No. 83. Prepared by Frank B. Wilkinson, Marketing Specialist, Bureau of Agricultural Economics Under Authority of the United States Warehouse Act of August 11, 1916 as amended.  Issued December 1926. United States Department of Agriculture; Washington, GPO. DC: 1926.  Paper covered 24 page stapled booklet 3 3/4” x 6 3/4” in mint condition.

_______. YEARBOOK, 1921. Washington: GPO, 1922, 885pp. [hb]


_______. Bulletin 143. Washington DC: GPO, 1920.  [gp]

_______. Bulletin 146. Washington DC: GPO, 1921.  [gp]

_______. Bulletin 149. Washington DC: GPO, 1922.  [gp]

_______. Bulletin 151. Washington DC: GPO, 1923.  [gp]

_______. Bulletin 155. Washington DC: GPO, 1924.  [gp]

_______. Bulletin 157. Washington DC: GPO, 1925.  [gp]

_______. Bulletin 159. Washington DC: GPO, 1926.  [gp]

_______. Bulletin 161. Washington DC: GPO, 1927.  [gp]

_______. Bulletin 163. Washington DC: GPO, 1928.  [gp]

_______. Bulletin 165. Washington DC: GPO, 1929.  [gp]

US Department of Commerce. National Recovery Administration. AMENDMENT TO CODE OF FAIR COMPETITION FOR THE RETAIL TOBACCO TRADE AS APPROVED ON APRIL 23, 1935.  Washington DC: GPO, 1935.  4 pp xerox.


_______.   National Recovery Administration.  CODE OF FAIR COMPETITION FOR THE RETAIL TOBACCO TRADE AS APPROVED ON JUNE 19, 1934 BY PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT.  Approved Code No. 466/Registry No. 1615-30.  Washington DC: GPO, 1934.  35 p, 5”x8”, paper cover.  Excellent condition original.  Valuable information. 

_______.   National Recovery Administration Division of Review.  THE TOBACCO STUDY.  Washington, DC:  GPO, 1936.  [   ]

US Dept. of Commerce and Labor.  CENSUS OF MANUFACTURES: 1905: TOBACCO. Department of Commerce and Labor, Bureau of the Census, Bulletin 87. Steuart, William M. (editor and chief statistician).  Washington, DC: GPO, 1907.  [  ]  Good data.

_______. Commissioner of Corporations. PRICES OF TOBACCO. Document No. 78. 61st Congress: 1st session. Washington, DC: GPO, 1909.  30 or so xeroxed pages selected from full document.


_______. SPECIAL CENSUS REPORT OF THE OCCUPATIONS OF THE POPULATION OF THE UNITED STATES AT THE ELEVENTH CENSUS: 1890. The Miscellaneous Documents of the House of Representatives for the First Session of the Fifty-Second Congress, 1891-92. Volume 50. Part 17. 52nd Congress, 1st Session. Misc. Doc, 340, Part 27. Washington, DC: GPO, 1896. 9” x 11.5”  Leather covered, fine condition.

_______. [Tenth Census Report on production and manufacture of Tobacco] see Killebrew, J.B.

US Department of the Treasury & Joint Committee on Internal Revenue Taxation. THE STRUCTURE OF THE FEDERAL EXCISE TAX ON CIGARS PREPARED FOR THE USE OF THE COMMITTEE ON WAYS AND MEANS OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Washington, DC: GPO, 1966. Pages 1-30, Photocopy.

U.S. Department of Labor. Bureau of Labor Statistics. WAGES AND HOURS OF LABOR IN THE CIGAR AND CLOTHING INDUSTRIES 1911 AND 1912.  Bulletin #35; Wages and Hours of Labor Series No. 5. Washington, DC: GPO, 1913. On the web:

_______. THE EFFECTS ON WOMEN OF CHANGING CONDITIONS IN THE CIGAR AND CIGARETTE INDUSTRIES. Bulletin of the Women’s Bureau, No. 100.  Washington, DC: GPO, 1932.  On the web:

U.S. House of Representatives. AN ACT TO INCREASE THE INTERNAL REVENUE, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. HR 18891. 63rd Congress. Public No. 217. Approved, October 22, 1914. Original 22 page paper covered document in fine condition.


_______. Committee on Ways and Means. TOBACCO AND MANUFACTURES OF. Statement of Joseph F. Cullman, Jr., President of the National Cigar Leaf Tobacco Association, New York, N.Y., Relative to Tobacco. Friday, November 13, 1908. 3 pages lifted from his testimony. Xerox.

_______. Committee on Ways and Means. 62nd Congress, 2nd Session. HEARINGS ON H.R. 17253, H.R. 21357, & H.R. 21958: BILLS TO EXEMPT FROM INTERNAL REVENUE TAX CIGARS SUPPLIED EMPLOYEES BY THE MANUFACTURERS THEREOF., May 1 and 22, 1912.  Washington, DC: GPO, 1912  [x]

_______. Committee on Ways and Means. 89th Congress, 2nd Session. TREATMENT OF STATE AND LOCAL TAXES FOR PURPOSES OF COMPUTING THE FEDERAL EXCISE TAX ON CIGARS. Report No. 2267 to accompany H.R. 8244. October 13, 1966. Xerox all 4 pages.

_______. PROCEEDINGS OF THE TOBACCO CONVENTION Held in the city of Washington on the 15th and 16th of the present month (December, 1840).  Document No. 24, 26th Congress, 2nd Session, House of Representatives. Washington, DC., 1840

_______.     REPORT OF THE COMMISSIONER OF PATENTS, FOR THE YEAR 1849; PART II. AGRICULTURE.  House Executive Document No. 20, 31st Congress, 1st Session. Washington: Office of Printers to House of Reps, 1850.  Hardcover 574pp + illus. Excellent condition.

_______. Select Committee on Internal Revenue Frauds. INTERNAL REVENUE FRAUD. Report #24, 39th Congress 2nd Session. Washington, DC, GPO, 1867.  283pp., 5”x8” From bound volume. Some spotting. 

US Immigration Commission.  REPORTS OF THE IMMIGRATION COMMISSION. IMMIGRANTS IN INDUSTRIES (IN 25 PARTS).  PART 14: CIGAR AND TOBACCO MANUFACTURING.  Senate Document Volume 77, Number 633.  Washington, DC:  GPO, 1911.  Photocopy.

US Patent Office. UNITED STATES STATUTES CONCERNING THE REGISTRATION OF PRINTS AND LABELS WITH THE RULES OF THE PATENT OFFICE RELATING THERETO, Edition of July 1, 1902. Washington, DC: GPO, 1902. 6"x9" paper covered 19 page document, folded in half, otherwise very fine.

U.S. Tariff Commission. REPORT ON CIGAR-WRAPPER TOBACCO. (Under the general provisions of section 332, Part II, Title III  Tariff Act of 1930. Report No.16 Second Series).  Washington, DC: U.S. GPO, 1931 43pp. [x]

U.S. Treasury Department. W. Forward, Secretary. TOBACCO. LETTER FROM THE SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY TRANSMITTING  STATEMENTS SHOWING THE EXPORTS AND IMPORTS OF TOBACCO, WITH THE IMPORT INTO GREAT BRITAIN, &c. Document 235. 27th Congress, 2nd Session. May 28, 1842. 93 page original document in fine condition, unbound from larger volume.

_______.  REPORT OF THE SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY TRANS-MITTING A REPORT FROM THE REGISTER OF THE TREASURY  OF THE COMMERCE AND NAVIGATION OF THE UNITED STATES FOR THE YEAR ENDING JUNE 30, 1858.  Washington, DC: USDT, William A Harris, printer, 1858. Hardcover, 680 pages, 6" x 9". Cover and spine fade, unknown stain upper left affects 30+ pages but not to make them unreadable. Binding tight.

_______.  REPORT OF THE SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY, ON THE COMMERCE AND NAVIGATION OF THE UNITED STATES, FOR THE FISCAL YEAR ENDING JUNE 30, 1862. Washington, DC: USGPO, 1864. Hardcover 368 pages 6" x 9" filled with charts. Fine condition other than cover and spine fade.

_______. Office of the Collector of Internal Revenue, Parkersburg District, West Virginia, D.H. Blair.  INSTRUCTIONS RELATIVE TO PREPARATION OF INVENTORIES JANUARY 1, NEXT BY MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS AND CIGARETTES.  Parkersburg, West Virginia. Typed original 4 page letter, December 19, 1940.

_______. Office of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue. ANNUAL INVENTORIES.  T.D. 1895; circular No. 709, revised Nov. 15, 1913. Requires annual inventories to be made and verified by collectors. 2 pages.

_______. Office of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue. ANNUAL INVENTORIES.  T.D. 2259. Nov. 16, 1915. Refines rules regarding duties of collectors and inspectors. 2 pages. Accompanied by typed letter from deputy.

_______. Office of Internal Revenue. ANNUAL REPORT OF THE COMMISSIONER OF INTERNAL REVENUE FOR THE FISCAL YEAR ENDED JUNE 30, 1920. Washington, DC: GPO, 1920. Xeroxed only one page, but an important one, covering the 1920 reorganization of tax districts.

_______. Office of Internal Revenue. ANNUAL TAXES, 1866. Document 24. Income tax form, 4 legal size pages to be filed “on or before the first in Monday of May in each year.” Fascinating rare document in fine condition.

_______. Office of Internal Revenue. CIGAR MAKER’S MONTHLY RETURN. Document 74. Xerox filled-in copy dated January 11th, 1867.

_______. Office of Internal Revenue. DECISION CONCERNING THE TAX ON CIGARS. Number 68. Washington, DC: GPO, 1864. 2 pages. Mint condition as folded for transmission. Includes original envelope from Assessor’s Office, United States Internal Revenue, 13th District, Pennsylvania, Official Business.

_______. Office of Internal Revenue. Letter by E.A. Rollins, Commissioner.  Original hand  written letter to D. M. Macarthur, New York City, regarding seizure of 9,000 of his cigars for use of counterfeit stamps. May 3, 1867.

_______. Office of Internal Revenue. LETTER OF THE SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY TRANSMITTING A COMMUNICATION FROM THE COMMISSIONER OF INTERNAL REVENUE, CONCERNING THE ORGANIZATION OF HIS OFFICE AND THE PRESENT CONDITION OF ITS BUSINESS. George S. Boutwell, Commissioner, S.P. Chase, Secretary of the Treasury. 37th Congress, 3rd Session. Senate. Executive Document No. 20. Letter: January 13, 1863. Transmission: January 20, 1863. Xerox.

_______. Office of Internal Revenue.  LIST OF SPECIAL TAXES IMPOSED BY SECTIONS 3 AND 4, ACT OF OCTOBER 22, 1914. Annual assessment based on production ranging from $3 to $2,496. 1 page. multiple copies. Like new.

_______. Office of Internal Revenue. RETURN OF SALES. Document 6. Original filled-in form. John Shumway of Hampshire County, Massachusetts, for the quarter ending Sept. 30th, 1870.

_______. Office of Internal Revenue.  RETURN OF SPECIAL-TAX PAYER. Act of October 22, 1914. Form 11-A (Ed. Oct. 29, 1914). 1 page. like new.


_______. Office of Internal Revenue. A TAX MANUAL FOR CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, CONTAINING THE MOST IMPORTANT SECTIONS OF LAW RELATING TO THE MANUFACTURE, REMOVAL, SALE, &C., OF CIGARS; AND INCLUDING REGULATIONS, INSTRUCTIONS, RULINGS AND DECISIONS OF THE COMMISSIONER OF INTERNAL REVENUE ON THE SUBJECT. (Special No. 85, Revised June 4, 1875). Washington, DC:  GPO, 1875. Paper covered, 5”  x  7.25”  22 pages. Excellent condition. Water stains on outside back cover.

_______. Office of Internal Revenue. A TAX MANUAL FOR CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, CONTAINING THE PORTION OF THE INTERNAL-REVENUE LAWS NOW IN FORCE RELATING TO THE MANUFACTURE, REMOVAL, SALE, ETC., OF CIGARS; AND INCLUDING REGULATIONS, INSTRUCTIONS, RULINGS, AND DECISIONS OF THE COMMISSIONER OF INTERNAL REVENUE ON THE SUBJECT.  Treasury Department Document No. 419 (Special No. 85, Revised March 30, 1883).  Washington, DC: GPO, 1883.  32 page describes petty details of cigar making, labeling, etc.  Xerox of Arents copy.  Valuable information!

_______. Office of Internal Revenue. A TAX MANUAL FOR CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, CONTAINING THE PORTION OF THE INTERNAL REVENUE LAWS NOW IN FORCE RELATING TO THE MANUFACTURE, REMOVAL, SALE, ETC., OF CIGARS; AND INCLUDING REGULATIONS, INSTRUCTIONS, RULINGS, AND DECISIONS OF THE COMMISSIONER OF INTERNAL REVENUE ON THE SUBJECT.  Treasury Department Document No. 1404 (Special No. 85, Revised January, 1891). Washington, DC: GPO, 1891. 41 pages describing the petty details of cigar making, labeling, etc., with diagrams. 6”x8” paper covered. Cover stained and spotted. Interior light stains; good sound copy. Valuable information!

_______. Office of Internal Revenue. TOBACCO-PEDDLERS CERTIFICATE. Original form filled-in by Harry Miley, 9th District Pennsylvania, March 29th, 1886.

_______. Office of Internal Revenue. TOBACCO, SNUFF, OR CIGAR DEALER’S INVENTORY. Document 75. Original document filled in by Howard & Brown of Amherst, Massachusetts, Sept. 1st, 1871.

_______. Office of Internal Revenue. Various letters, instructions, reports, returns, documents, and forms relevant to cigar makers.  Various dates, 1860’s-1920’s. Approx 30+ pieces.

_______. Office of the Collector of Internal Revenue, District of West Virginia. INSTRUCTIONS RELATIVE TO PREPARATION OF INVENTORIES JANU-ARY 1, NEXT, BY MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS AND CIGARETTES. Two page typed letter dated Dec. 11, 1945 addressed to Joseph Ralph Moore. Contains detailed single spaced instructions. Stamped signature of collector illegible.

US War Department.  CUSTOMS TARRIF AND REGULATIONS FOR PORTS IN CUBA IN POSSESSION OF THE UNITED STATES (AMENDED). Washington: GPO, 1898. Minor cover chip, slight tear along binding.


Vallens, Eugene.  FACTS ON CIGARS FOR UP TO DATE SMOKERS.  New York: Gene-Vall Cigar Co., 1914.  64 pp illus.  [hb]

Van Buren, Martin [President of the U.S.].  MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: A REPORT UPON THE SUBJECT OF THE TOBACCO TRADE BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES AND FOREIGN COUNTRIES.  House executive document 229,  House of Representatives, 1840   210pp.  Numerous tables.  Fascinating look at tobacco trade and consumption throughout Europe, with comments of our trade delegation abroad about the sobriety, living conditions, roads,  and ports. Excellent condition. This is not in the NCM library, and may have minor errors in citation.

Van Bussum, Lyse G.  "Page from History Repeated as 'Hot Shot' Ends 19th Season,"  TAMPA TRIBUNE  (Sunday, August 23, 1964), p13E.  [ ]

Vernay, Laurent, and Freddy Ghozland.  HISTOIRES DE BOITES / TINS STORIES.  Toulouse, France: Shrine Editions, 1998. Hardcover w/dj, 224 pages, 9.75” x 13” profusely illustrated. An outstanding history of European tins, in French and English.

Vetter, George.  "100 Years of Tobacco in Chemung County," CHEMUNG COUNTY HISTORICAL JOURNAL  (June 1960), pp712-721.  [x]

Voice, Sidney P. "Cigar Band Manufacture Intricate Process...," CIGAR BAND NEWS Vol. II: No. 3 (May-June, 1949), p.4. Xerox copy of original document.

_______. "A Short History of Consolidated Lithographing Corporation Part II." NEWS BULLETIN of the International Seal, Label and Cigar Band Society. xerox copy of article by VP of Consolidated Litho, 1pp, unknown 60's date. Missing part I. Good info.

_______ "Some Facts and History on Cigars and Cigar Bands, Part 1" NEWS BULLETIN of the International Seal, Label and Cigar Band Society. xerox copy of article by VP of Consolidated Litho, 1pp, unknown 60's date. Minor interest, factual errors, soiled fingers myth nonsense.

_______. "Some Facts and History on Cigars and Cigar Bands, Part 2" NEWS BULLETIN of the International Seal, Label and Cigar Band Society. xerox copy, 1 page, unknown 60's date. Superficial.


Waitt & Bond.  COMMEMORATING 80 YEARS OF LEADERSHIP IN MAKING FINE CIGARS. Boston: Waitt & Bond, Inc., 1950.  [  ]

_______.   A PRIVATE TOUR OF WAITT & BOND, MAKERS OF FINE CIGARS.  [Boston: Waitt & Bond,  ca: 1955].  36pp hard bound by company president, Harley Jefferson.  Profusely illustrated.  Various margin notes and markings by Waitt & Bond and by Hyman.  Very scarce publication.  Endpapers torn; covers separate.

Wajnert, Thomas C., and Murray Kessler. REYNOLDS AMERICAN LORILLARD INC. MERGER PROPOSAL.  Winston-Salem, NC: Reynolds American Inc, 2014. Paper covered, 8.5” x 11” 262 pages+110 page appendix.  Proposal to re-unite the companies separated by anti-trust action in 1911.

Walbaum, John, “America’s Golden Age of Cigars” in CIGAR MAGAZINE v2:#4 (Winter 2005), pp 44-50. Like new magazine. Well-written entertaining article, marked up by me.

Wald, Carol, "The Cigar Box Label," U&lc (UPPER AND LOWER CASE: THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TYPOGRAPHICS), Vol. V: # 2 (June, 1978), pp13-19. Original magazine, one repaired 2" tear. Very good.

Walter, Louis, Inc. LEDGER. Alphabetical listing of customers, plus 900-1,000 letter carbons of business 1916-1918. Heavy water damage top, affecting some lists, but letters OK. Intimate look at business, problems, transactions, bills, sales, etc.

Ward, Geoffrey C.  "The Story Telling Cigar,"  AMERICAN HERITAGE V30:#1 (December 1978), pp 80-91.  [hardcover mag] Embarrassingly dumb article!  They call it "Cigar" but 50+% of the illus are of tobacco crate labels.  Nice pictures, though.  Hard bound magazine. As new condition.

Ware, Norman. "Chapter XI: The Cigar Makers," in THE LABOR MOVEMENT IN THE UNITED STATES 1860-1895: A STUDY IN DEMOCRACY.  New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1929. Xerox copy of chapter, 20± pp.

Webster Cigar Co., The. WEBER & FIELDS ON THE AIR! New York: The Webster Cigar Co., 1931. Paper covered 6.5” x 7” booklet 20 pages. Unused condition. Radio show give-away including ads and script segments.

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Weil, Cliff, Inc.  LEDGER. Focus is on EL MORO, EL REES SO and SPANISH MAID CROOKS sales, tho a few frontmarks are listed. Some minor customer info. Company located at 1315 East Main St., Richmond 15, Virginia.  8” x 14” hardcover 83 pages for years 1956 to 1963. 

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_______.   TOBACCOLAND.  New York:  The Tobacco Leaf Publishing Company, 1922.  [hb]  A basic book.

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Wertheim, Jacob, President. PRESIDENT'S ADDRESS: First Annual Convention of the Tobacco Merchants Association of the U.S. (Washington, DC, May 29-30, 1916). 6"x9" paper covered 32p original in very good condition, slight soil on cover.

West, Gordon (Editor). TO CELEBRATE THE CORONATION 1953: A HISTORY OF SMOKING FROM ELIZABETH I TO ELIZABETH II.  London: TOBACCO magazine (Industrial Newspapers, Ltd.), 1953.  Paper back, perfect bound, 6” x 8.67” 104 pages. Cover lightly soiled, otherwise excellent condition.

_______. “The Smoker’s Progress - 1556 to 1953: How he learned; What he smoked; What he paid,” in the above book, pages 26 to 41.

Westerman, Willem. DE TABAKSCULTUUR OP SUMATRA'S OOSTKUST. Amsterdam: J.H. Bussy, 1901. Hardcover 7.5" x 10.5" well illustrated 300 pages in excellent condition inside and out. Bought on eBay for $45 (Dec. 2012) for the pictures.


_______.   KEY WEST: CIGAR CITY U.S.A.  Key West: The Historic Key West Preservation Board, 1984.  72 page, profusely illustrated, paper covered.  $9.95 from pub.  A significant contribution to Florida cigar history. Image scholars enjoy knowing the illustrated cover depicts a NYC factory. Mint condition.

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Williams, L.N. "Cinderella Scene: Stamplike tobacco ad label," LINN'S STAMP NEWS (May 10, 1993), p28. Clipping. Players ad poster stamp, description of Navy cut.

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_______.  TOBACCO: ITS HISTORY, CULTURE AND MANUFACTURE.  Bristol: Partridge & Love, Ltd., [1966?].  8”x10”, soft cover, illustrated with mostly new illus.  In very good condition.

Winkler, John K. TOBACCO TYCOON: THE STORY OF JAMES BUCHANON DUKE. New York: Random House, 1942.  1st printing in dj in fine cond.  6”x8”.  Have second copy w/o dust jacket, split binding at cover [ex library].

Wolfson, Nancy.  “Sidewalk Sculptures: Cigar Store Indians Served as High-Profile Advertising Tools for Tobacconists,” CIGAR AFICIONADO  (month, year), Pages 93-94, 97-98. Xerox copy.

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Wright, Hamilton. “Tobacco Raising in the Philippines,” SCIENTIFIC AMERI-CAN Vol. XCVI: #7 (February 16, 1907), pages 152-153. Fairly lengthy article with 8 photos, a few of which may be  useful. Good condition original full magazine

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