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[x]: xerox copy 

[hb]: hardcover book

[bp]: paperback book

[mag]: entire magazine in which article appears

[n]: newspaper or newspaper clipping

[  ]: info not available at this time

       This is a partial list of books I own as originals or as photo copies (most entries indicate which) on topics more related to collecting as opposed to pure history, though there is obviously some overlap. The collectors’ guides with substantial history are more likely to be included in both bibliographies. 

        It is not a complete list of available titles on the various subjects. This list was created and arranged for my ease of use and follows no specific bibliographic form. This document and the information herein is provided for your convenience and is not to be copied, duplicated, scanned, photographed or reproduced in any way in whole or part without my written permission.

           © Tony Hyman, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Red indicates additions made after the paper edition was published in 2005.



Ades, Marrie-Claire. OBJETS DE CIGARE. Paris: Duncan, 1997. Fine items from collection of the now defunct Musee-Galerie de la Sieta. Gift from author.

Anonymous. "Art in Cigar Box Labels,"  IMPERIAL TOBACCO GROUP REVIEW v3;#4  (August 1972), 18-21.  [x]

_______.   "Atlas and the Nudes: A Portfolio of Cigar Box Art...", FORTUNE  v7:#3  (March, 1933), pp 66-70.

_______.   "Cigar Box Art,"  OPERA NEWS, v34:#20 (March, 1970), pp 14-15.  [x]

_______.   "Cigar Box Sirens,"  EROS, v1:#2 (Summer, 1962), pp 17-24. [x]

Badelles, Jose Pascual. CATALOGO DE VITOLAS AMERICANAS CON RETRATOS DE HOMBRES. Valencia, Spain: By the author in conjunction with the Asociacion Vitolfilica Española, 1981. Stiff paper covers, 115 pages 8.5” x 12 3/8”  bound with tape and glue. Appears mimeographed. Profusely illustrated in like new condition.

_______. CATALOGO DE VITOLAS AMERICANAS CON RETRATOS DE HOMBRES (II PARTE). Valencia, Spain: By the author in conjunction with the Asociacion Vitolfilica Española, 1986. Stiff paper covers, 124 pages 8.5” x 12 3/8”  bound with tape and glue. Appears mimeographed. Profusely illustrated in like new condition.

_______. CATALOGO DE VITOLAS AMERICANAS CON RETRATOS DE HOMBRES [y] CATALOGO DE VITOLAS CON RETRATOS DE MUJERES (APENDICE). Valencia, Spain: By the author in conjunction with the Asociacion Vitolfilica Española, 1989. Stiff paper covers, 82 pages 8.5” x 12 3/8”  bound with tape and glue. Appears mimeographed. Profusely illustrated in like new condition.

_______.  CATALOGO DE VITOLAS CON RETRATOS DE MUJERES. Valencia, Spain: By the author in conjunction with the Asociacion Vitolfilica Española, 1983. Stiff paper covers, 134 pages 8.5” x 12 3/8”  bound with tape and glue. Appears mimeographed. Profusely illustrated in like new condition.

_______.  TARIFA DE PRECIOS DE LOS CATALOGOS SIGUIENTES. Valencia, Spain: By the author, 1989. Paper covers, 26 pages 6” x 8.25” staple bound. Appears mimeographed. Not illustrated, in like new condition.

Bass, Si. "The 1933 Fortune Magazines," THE CIGAR LABEL GAZETTE, Issue Number 15 (November-December, 1997). Article about the two issues of FORTUNE which contain band and label reprints.

Breese, Jilliana. CIGAR LABELS.  Wilts, England: W.E. Associates, 1992.  A tear out book of postcards depicting cigar labels from the Retrograph Archive in London.  Breese wrote the introduction and perhaps selected the labels.  Mint condition.

Carter, Bob.  "A Collectible 'Whatsit',"  ANTIQUE TRADER WEEKLY (January 7, 1981), pp 60-61.  Cigar box openers. [mag]

Caballero, Florencio Gimenez and Manuel Lopez Rodriguez. CIEN ANILLAS DE CALIDAD EN LA LITOGRAFIA TABACALERA.  Seville, Spain: Ediciones Giralda, 1998. Spanish text.  Autographed numbered limited edition (62/999) with tipped in numbered set of 5 cigar bands. Hardcover w/dj 9 3/8”  x  12” with original box. Like new.

Cigar Label Gazette, The. CIGAR-LABEL ART SHOW VOLUME 1, issue N0. 51. Special DVD issue.  2,000 images on CD, 2009.

Collins, Philip. SMOKERAMA: CLASSIC TOBACCO ACCOUTERMENTS. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 1992.  Colorful, well chosen, but no useful info.

Congdon-Martin, Douglas, and Jerry Terranova.  ANTIQUE CIGAR CUTTERS & LIGHTERS.  Atglen, PA: Schiffer, 1996.  Poorly photographed example of a great collection. Fine condition.

_______. GREAT CIGAR STUFF FOR COLLECTORS. Atglen, PA: Schiffer, 1997. Soft cover 160pp selection of the good and the bad. Not particularly useful except to get a rough idea of the type of item that’s available. Two copies.

Davidson, Joe.  THE ART OF THE CIGAR LABEL.  Wellfleet Press, Secaucus, NJ, 1989.  252 pp illus.  Giant overview of cigar labels.  Mint condition.  Minimal text but lots of fine pictures of labels available to the collector.  10.75” x 12.5”  Hard cover with dust jacket in near mint condition.

Davidson, Joe, and Sue. SMOKER’S ART.  New York: The Wellfleet Press, 1997. Hardcover in fine condition. Inscribed to Hyman, who wrote one of the chapters.

Davis, Aaron.  “Cigar Smoking Prints,” ANTIQUES, v8: #6  (December, 1925), pp 345-347.  Illus introductory article picturing six different prints with cigar themes.  Excellent condition full magazine.

Dunn, Wayne.  CIGAR LABEL ART PRICE GUIDE: Inner & Outer Label Price Trends.  Mission Viejo, CA; self published, 1994.  77 pages, spiral bound.  Handwritten notes by me throughout.  Some good info by Mark Trout. Prices now unreliable.

_______.   STONE LITHOGRAPHY: The Story of Cigar Label Art.  Mission Viejo, CA; self published, 1994.  12 pages, stapled.  Color illustrations summary of printing history.  Price $6.  I have more than one copy.

Ennis, William J.  “Cigar Cutters,” ANTIQUE TRADER WEEKLY, vol?: #? (May 27, 1992), pp 62-64. Have xerox copy of complete article.

_______. "Personal Ciger [sic] Cutters."  TOBACCIANA COLLECTORS OF AMERICA, Vol. 1: # 2 (June/July, 1987), pp1,4. Xerox copy.

Faber, A.D.  CIGAR LABEL A-R-T.  Watkins Glen, NY: Century House, 1949.  Number 494 of 500. This copy was assembled at the request of Dr. Hyman in 1973.  The book is in fine condition in its original wooden “cigar box” case, but contains numerous marginal notes by Hyman, generally in objection to textual inaccuracies.  Faber’s books are curiosities, but very poor history.

_______.  SMOKERS, SEGARS & STICKERS.  Watkins Glen, NY: Century House, 1949.  Hardcover. Not a very accurate book.

Gambacciani, Claudio.  "Carta Abierta para la Asociacion Vitolfilica Espanola," reprinted from unknown magazine, pp9-15.  Xerox copy.

Gardiner, Jero. GALS & GUYS: WOMEN AND MEN IN CIGAR LABEL ART. Atglen, PA: Schiffer, 1999. 160 profusely illus pages. Pretty, uninformative, prices way out of line. Waste of money.

Grossman, John.  “Chromolithography and the Cigar Label: Sometimes the Label was Better than the Cigar,”  THE EPHEMERA SOCIETY JOURNAL Vol. IX: #2, (2001), pp3-12, 25-27.

Hyman, Tony. “The Band: The history and the Romance of Cigar’s Paper Ring,” CIGAR AFICIONADO [WINTER 1994], pp 112-123.  Nice magazine spread.  Personal copy slightly damaged.

_______. “Cigar Boxes” chapter in Davidson, Joe, and Sue Davidson. SMOKER’S ART.  New York: The Wellfleet Press, 1997. Hardcover.

_______. "Festive Packaging: Christmas and Cigars,"  THE ANTIQUES JOURNAL  v34: #12  (December 1979), pp20-21.  Complete magazine.

_______. "Four-Square Masterpieces,” CIGAR AFICIONADO  (Summer, 1994), pp 62-71.  illustrated.  Multiple mint condition copies on hand.

_______. HANDBOOK OF AMERICAN CIGAR BOXES.  Elmira, NY: The Arnot Art Museum, 1979.  Basic reference book for collectors. Hardcover w/dj. Super book. Signed, numbered limited edition. A few copies.

_______. "History of Cigar Boxes, The, Part I,"  COLLECTORS' SHOWCASE V6:#6  (July/August 1987), pp 37-44.  Multiple copies of this magazine.

_______. "History of Cigar Boxes, The, Part II,"  COLLECTORS' SHOWCASE V7:#1  (September/ October 1987), pp 75-81.  Multiple copies on hand.

_______. “The Indian & The Cigar Box,” PAST TIMES v 4: #3 [Fall 1994], p8.  Have mint multiple copies of 8 page club newsletter in full color.  One glorious page depicting Hyman’s Indian boxes.  No text.

_______. "An Introductory Guide to Advertising Cigar Boxes," THE ANTIQUE TRADER WEEKLY (November 9, 1977), pp 60-63. Complete magazine.

_______. “The Military & Cigars,” MILITARY TRADER (June, 1996), pp 44-46.

_______. “Military Featured on Cigar Boxes,” THE ANTIQUE TRADER WEEKLY (July 3, 1996), pp 93-95.  Same article as in Military Trader. Different layout.

_______. "On Multiple Use of Label Graphics," TINTYPE v8:#12 (April 1979).  [mag]

_______. "Pulchritudinous Packaging," CIGAR V1:#1 (Fall 1981) pp 3-5. Have ccomplete original magazine.

_______. “Tobacciana,” monthly Q&A and opinion and news column in THE ANTIQUE TRADER WEEKLY, (1992-2001). Complete file of all columns, removed from the magazine/newspaper.

_______. "Upright Cigar Boxes,"  THE ANTIQUE TRADER WEEKLY (August 9, 1978), pp 70-74.  [mag]

_______. "Uprights II: More Special Cigar Boxes,"  THE ANTIQUE TRADER WEEKLY  (June 4, 1980), pp 72-74.  [mag]

Tony Hyman and Peter Lingg.  “Dutch Cigar Tins,” PAST TIMES. v.11;#6 (No month given, 2002), 8 pages.

In Stone, Inc. THE PRICE GUIDE BOOK OF CIGAR LABEL ART, 2007 EDITION. Encenitas, CA; In Stone, Inc., 2007. 8.5” x 11” paper covered, spiral bound, 117 pages. A worthy effort, contains articles, some good info from Mark Trout, ads from major dealers and collectors and prices for 7 to 10,000 labels. Mint condition. See also Dunn, Wayne (above).

International Cigar Band Society. CIGAR BANDS AS A HOBBY.   Roselle, NJ: Secretary, International Cigar Band Society, 1947. 3.5"x8.5" 6pp SOFT COVER xerox copy.

McMurtry, Dr. R. Gerald.  "Lincoln Cigar and Tobacco Labels," LINCOLN LORE Number 1616 (October 1972).  Fort Wayne, IN: Lincoln National Life Foundation--National Life Insurance Company, 1972.  Original company publication.

Menocal, Narciso.  CUBAN CIGAR LABELS: The Tobacco Industry in Cuba and Florida: Its Golden Age in Lithography and Architecture.  Coral Gables: Cuban National Heritage, 1995.

Mesmer, Philippe. THE ART OF CIGAR BANDS: Roger Van Reeth Collection. London: Parkstone Press, 2000. 224 page hardcover w/dj. Profusely illustrated. Purchased new. Damaged dust jacket.

Munsey, Cecil. "How to Rip-Off Coca-Cola Collectors"  THE ANTIQUE TRADER WEEKLY, June 24, 1975. Says there are three versions of the band. The genuine one has the complete coca-cola trademark; the FORTUNE magazine version does not.

Murphy, Denise. "Branding Together: A Society for Label Collectors," ANTIQUES AND AUCTION NEWS v9:#9 (April 28, 1978), p1,9.

Paladini, Afredo Garcia.  VITOLFILIA.  Madrid: n.p., 1952.

Petrone, Gerard. CIGAR BOX LABELS: PORTRAITS OF LIFE, MIRRORS OF HISTORY. Atglen, PA: Schiffer, 1998. Very fine book. Hardcover. Mint.


Shaw, Renata.  "19th Century Tobacco Label Art,"  THE QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS (April, 1971), 76-102. [x]

Somerville, Tom. "Collecting Cigar Ephemera: A Model for Beginning Collectors," NEW YORK-PENNSYLVANIA COLLECTOR (September 1986), pp 14B-15B.  [mag/x]

_______.  "Legal Labels - Cigar Label Art," NEW YORK STATE BAR JOURNAL v59:#2  (February 1987), pp 52-3.  8”x11” magazine.  Light article with color illustrations of various labels depicting judges and the law. As new.

_______. "Western Cigar Labels," torn from unknown magazine. Pages 67-70.

Terranova, Jerry and Douglas Congdon-Martin.  ANTIQUE CIGAR CUTTERS & LIGHTERS.  Atglen, PA: Schiffer, 1996.  Poorly photographed example of a great collection. Fine condition.

_______.  GREAT CIGAR STUFF.  Atglen, PA: Schiffer, 1997.  Soft cover, illustrated 160 pp. Like new condition.

Van Ravenswaay, Charles.  "Cigar Box Art," MISSOURI HISTORICAL SOCIETY BULLETIN  (April 1951), pp 322-332.  [x]

Wald, Carol, and Sandra B. Ernst, and Ralph Ginzburg.  "The Cigar Box Label; Sentiments and Cigars; the Cigar Box Sirens,"  UPPER AND LOWER CASE.  The International Journal of Typographics, v5: #2  (June 1978), pp 14-17.  [mag]

Waltz, Norman [anonymously].  "Cigar Bands and Labels: Pop Art from a Smoke," THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF COLLECTIBLES; CHILDREN'S BOOKS TO COMICS. Alexandria, VA: Time-Life Books, 1978, pp 47-59. [hb] Terrible article!  Book in perfect condition.

Ward, G.C.  “The Story Telling Cigar: Puffing Through the American Past,” AMERICAN HERITAGE, V.30: #1 (December, 1978), pp.80-91. Great idea, poorly executed. Mostly TOBACCO labels, not cigar, an important distinction (especially in light of their title and subtitle) they failed to make. Hardcover mag like new.


[Barrett, Noel, Antiques & Auctions].  THE PETER SIDLOW COLLECTION.  New Hope, PA: Noel Barrett, 1989.  11”x8.5” paper covered 80p auction catalog with color and b/w illus.  Collection covers wide range of antique advertising and gaming, but depicts some outstanding examples of tobacco advertising.  Very minor margin check marks, other wise as new.

Bergevin, Al.  TOBACCO TINS AND THEIR PRICES.  Lombard, IL: Wallace-Homestead, 1986.  228pp. illus paperback 1st edition.  No text. Useful only for its depiction of 1,000 tins.  Handwritten notations.  [pb]

Bragdon, Charles R.  METAL DECORATING FROM START TO FINISHES. Freeport, ME: The Bond Wheelwright Company, 1961.  [hb]

[Can Manufacturers Institute].  THE HISTORY OF THE METAL CAN AND ITS SERVICE TO MAN.  New York: Can Manufacturers Institute, n.d.  [cp]

-------.  A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE METAL CAN.  New York: Can Manufacturers Institute, n.d.  [x]

May, Earl Chapin.

THE CANNING CLAN. New York:  The Macmillan Company, 1937.  First edition hardcover, 487pp illus w/photos, mostly portraits.  History of canning, with emphasis on problems to be solved for each type of foodstuff canning.  Nothing directly on tobacco.  Minor shelf damage to cover, but o/w like new.  No d/j. 

Carlson, Norman. TOBACCO CONTAINERS FROM CANADA, UNITED STATES  AND THE WORLD.  Medicine Hat, AB, Canada: New Antique Ventures Inc., 2002.  Spiral bound 333 pp profusely color illus compilation. Like new. Useful look at Canada. Available <>

Clark, Hyla M.  THE TIN CAN BOOK.  New York: New American Library, 1977.  Actually written by Les Barnett.  Good history of tins. 

Committee, The [of the Tin Container Collectors Association].  THE UNOFFICIAL GUIDE TO TIN CANS & THEIR PRICES.  Winnetka, IL: TCCA, 1983. Paper covered, spiral bound, 8.5” x 11” 161 pages mimeographed. Includes letters and other relevant inserts. Heavily hand annotated in ink by Tony Hyman.

Congdon-Martin, Douglas. TOBACCO TINS: A COLLECTOR’S GUIDE. Atglen, PA: Schiffer, 1992. Lots of errors; lots of non tins. Obviously not a collector.

Davis, Alec. "History of Tin Lithography: First in a series: Shonk," PAST TIMES (Vol XI: No. 4 (no date), p. 3. Brief one page illus history of the company.

Davis, Marvin and Helen.  COLLECTOR’S PRICE GUIDE TO BOTTLES, TOBACCO TINS, AND RELICS.  New York: A & W Visual Library, 1974.  208pp, 5x8 illustrated paperback.  More a historical curiosity than a useful book, this was one of the first publications to focus on tobacco containers. In excellent condition save for one banged corner.

_______.   TOBACCO TINS.  Medford, OR: Self published, 1970.   5”x8”.  64 pp illus paperback. More a historical curiosity than a useful book, this was  the first publication to focus on tobacco containers. In excellent condition except for one creased corner

Dodge, Fred. ANTIQUE TINS: IDENTIFICATION & VALUES. Paducah, KY: Collector Books, 1995. Picture book with no text.

_______. ANTIQUE TINS: IDENTIFICATION & VALUES, BOOK II. Paducah, KY: Collector Books, 199. Picture book with no text.

_______. ANTIQUE TINS: IDENTIFICATION & VALUES, BOOK III. Paducah, KY: Collector Books, 1999. Picture book with no text.

Griffith, David.  DECORATIVE PRINTED TINS:  THE GOLDEN AGE OF PRINTED TIN PACKAGING.  New York: Chelsea House, 1979.  [pb]

Hyman, Tony, and Peter Lingg.  “Dutch Cigar Tins,” PAST TIMES. v.11;#6 (No month given, 2002), 8pp.

Kircher, Franklyn.  TOBACCO POCKET TIN GUIDE; FLATS & UPRIGHTS.  East Lansing, MI: by the author, 1984.  37pp, 3-hole punched, cover bound.  An attempt to list all pocket tobacco tins.  This copy has a few marginal notes, otherwise as new.

Kloap, John M.  PROGRESS OF THE METAL CAN.  Reprinted from MODERN PACKAGING ENCYCLOPEDIA.  New York: McGraw-Hill, Inc, 1971.  [cp]

Klug, Ray.  ANTIQUE ADVERTISING ENCYCLOPEDIA, Revised 3rd Edition.  Atglen, PA: Schiffer, 1999.  8.5” x 11”, hardcover 240pp, approx. 6 items per page.  Confusing arrangement. Mint condition.

Muzio, Jack.  COLLECTIBLE TIN ADVERTISING TRAYS.  Santa Rosa, CA: by the author, n.d. [ca1979].  32 page, soft cover, including 11 color plates depicting 100+ trays.  5” x 8”.  Autographed.  Good information on early tin printers.  Have four copies in excellent condition.

Pettit, Ernest.  THE BOOK OF COLLECTIBLE TIN CONTAINERS WITH PRICE GUIDE.  Des Moines: Wallace-Homestead Book Co., 1967.  3rd (1977) printing.  30pp, spiral bound 6” x 9” fully illustrated in color.  A pioneering effort about tin can collecting, of interest only because it was first. Nearly mint condition.

_______. COLLECTIBLE TIN CONTAINERS WITH PRICE GUIDE BOOK TWO. Des Moines: Wallace-Homestead, 1970. 43pp. illus. [pb]

Polansky, Tom.  ADVERTISING TIN CONTAINERS, VOL I & II, REVISED. Gas City, IN: L-W Promotions, 1974.  [pb]

Reader, W.J.   METAL BOX: A HISTORY.  London: Heinemann, 1976. [hb]

Roberts, Russell. "Ride 'em, Cowboy: The Old West in non-sport cards," NON-SPORT UPDATE (August-September, 1998), p52-54. Illus in color, torn from mag.

Rosnick, Stuart “Sandy”, and Jules Selden. CROSS REFERENCE GUIDE TO TOBACCO TINS, VOLUME 1. Manchester, MA: By the authors, 1988.  82 pp.  Cross reference to previously referenced tobacco containers.  Covers Tin Type magazine, price guides, and historical works.  Tells  where to read about or see various cans. 

Sebert, John. "The Early Tin Box Manufacturers of Canada," TIN TYPE Vol. VI: No. 9 (January 1977), pp not numbered. Brief 4pp illus.

Swedberg, Robert and Harriett.  TINS ‘N’ BINS.  Lombard, IL: Wallace-Homestead, 1985.  136pp profusely illus large paperback 1st edition.  Text and pictures.  Poor Wallace-Homestead binding has cracked, and corners bruised, ow/fine. [pb]

Vernay, Laurent, and Freddy Ghozland.  HISTOIRES DE BOITES / TINS STORIES.  Toulouse, France: Shrine Editions, 1998. Hardcover w/dj, 224 pages, 9.75” x 13” profusely illustrated. An outstanding history of European tins, in French and English. A must-have book in any tobacciana library.

Watford, Mary E.  "Cigar Tins of the Liberty Can Co. - A History," TIN TYPE  V9:#4  (August 1979), pp? Original


Anonymous. "U.S. Cartophilic Society Price Guide - Part Four," NEWS & VIEWS #4 (March, 1986), pp4-8.  Card-covered 20pp 5.5"x8.5" newsletter of insert card collectors. Rare information on "cigarette silks."

Benjamin, Chris (compiler). POP-OUT NON-SPORT [card] UPDATE’S PRICE GUIDE. A supplement of Non-Sport Update Magazine.  Harrisburg, PA: Non-Sport Update, 1994. 32 page, stapled, paper cover 8.5” x 11” four-column-per-page, in mint condition. November-December 1994 issue.

Burdick, J.R.  THE AMERICAN CARD CATALOG. East Stroudsburg, PA: by the author, 1960.  Illus, 5”x8” 240 page hardcover w/dj. Slightly musty smell, otherwise excellent. Inspiration for THE WORLD INDEX. Also have Xerox copy of all sections relevant to tobacco.

Cartophilic Society of Great Britain Limited. HANDBOOK OF WORLDWIDE TOBACCO AND TRADE SILK ISSUES, (Cartophilic Reference Book No. 138). Windsor, England: The Cartophilic Society of Great Britain, 2007. Edited by Alan Stevens. Hardcover, illustrated 342 pages.  Like new condition.

_______. THE WORLD TOBACCO ISSUES INDEX , (Cartophilic Reference Book No. 23). Windsor, England: The Cartophilic Society, 1956.  1990 reprint. 702page, hardcover self described as “An authentic Catalogue without prices of Cigarette Cards issued anywhere  in the World up to the end of 1956.” An essential book for any card, satin (silk), flannel (felt) or leather premium collector. Like new condition.

_______, THE WORLD INDEX (PART II), FIRST SUPPLEMENT TO THE WORLD TOBACCO ISSUES INDEX, (Cartophilic Reference Book No. 26). Windsor, England: The Cartophilic Society, 1965.  1979 reprint. 452 page, hardcover. Like new condition.

_______, THE WORLD INDEX (PART III), SECOND SUPPLEMENT TO THE WORLD TOBACCO ISSUES INDEX, (Cartophilic Reference Book No. 28). Windsor, England: The Cartophilic Society, 1976. 504 page, hardcover. Like new condition. Adds flannels and silks.

_______, THE WORLD INDEX (PART IV), THIRD SUPPLEMENT TO THE WORLD TOBACCO ISSUES INDEX, (Cartophilic Reference Book No. 29). Windsor, England: The Cartophilic Society, 1981. 688 page, hardcover. Some slight wrinkling on a few pages, otherwise like new condition.

_______, THE WORLD INDEX (PART V),  FOURTH SUPPLEMENT TO THE WORLD TOBACCO ISSUES INDEX, (Cartophilic Reference Book No. 32). Windsor, England: The Cartophilic Society, 1990. 552 page, hardcover. Like new condition.

Doggett, Frank.  CIGARETTE CARDS AND NOVELTIES.  London: Michael Joseph Ltd., 1981.  Oversize hard cover w/dust jacket, 96  pages, illus in color. Minor tear and bumps to the dust jacket, intro has been yellow-markered.

Hyman, Tony. “Last Word: A Glimpse of Nostalgia,” SMOKESHOP,  v23: #3  (May/June 1996), p.64.  Article on Hard-A-Port cards.  Mint condition mag.

Forbes, Robert and Terence Mitchell.  AMERICAN TOBACCO CARDS.  Richmond, VA: Tuff-Stuff Publications, 1999.  Softcover, 464 pages, profusely illustrated in b/w.  Cover curl, o/w mint condition. Important must-have book.

Laker, Ian A., & Y. Berktay.  CATALOGUE OF TRADE CARD ISSUES, 1989 Edition. Somerset:  London Cigarette Card Co., 1989.  96pp. illus. [pb]

Last, Jay, “Trade Card Lithographers: Buek and Lindner of New York” in THE ADVERTISING TRADE CARD QUARTERLY. Vol. VI: Number 4 (Winter, 1999), pages 26-27. Mint condition original magazine.

London Cigarette Card Company.  THE CATALOG OF BRITISH & FOREIGN CIGARETTE CARDS 1888-1989.  Somerton, England: London Cigarette Card Company, Ltd., 1989.  7”x11.5” w/some illus. Soft cover.  1,500+ sets of cards issued in and out of England. Gives 1988 prices, good for relative comparisons.  In near mint condition.

_______. THE CATALOG OF INTERNATIONAL CIGARETTE CARDS.  Exeter:  Webb & Bower, 1982.  7”x11.5” profusely illus hardcover w/dj.  Covers 2,500 sets of cards issued outside England.  Mostly of interest for US coverage.  Illus 200+ cards and gives 1982 prices, good for relative comparisons.  In near mint condition.

Mayor, A. Hyatt.  DIRECTORY OF THE J. R. BURDICK COLLECTION [of] TRADE AND SOUVENIR CARDS AND OTHER PAPER AMERICANA IN THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART.  New York City: Metropolitan Museum of Art, [n.d. 1960s?] 6” x 9” paper covered, staple bound, 25 illustrated pages explaining the contents of various albums and boxes.

Miller, Jay, Joe Gonsowski & Richard Masson. THE PHOTOGRAPHIC BASEBALL CARDS OF GOODWIN & COMPANY (1886 - 1890). Self Published, 2008. Hard cover w/dj 9 1/4”  x  11 1/8” nearly 2500 illustrations, 457 pages in this beautiful labor of love. Yet another example of the high quality of many self-published works. Like new. Generously donated to the Museum collection by Dave Norkin.

Murray Cards International, Ltd.  CIGARETTE CARD VALUES: GUIDE TO CIGARETTE & OTHER TRADE CARDS. 43rd Edition.  London: Murray Cards International, 2009.  5 7/8”  x  8 1/4” paper covered, 320 pages, illustrated.

Sheaff, Richard, “One Hundred Years Hence,” in THE ADVERTISING TRADE CARD QUARTERLY. Vol. VI: Number 4 (Winter, 1999), pages 8-24. Mint condition original magazine.

Stevens, Alan (Ed.). HANDBOOK OF WORLDWIDE TOBACCO AND TRADE SILK ISSUES, (Cartophilic Reference Book No. 138). Windsor, England: The Cartophilic Society of Great Britain, 2007. Hardcover, illustrated 342 pages.  Like new condition.


McCulloch, Lou W. CARD PHOTOGRAPHS: A Guide To Their History And Value. Exton, PA: Schiffer Publishing Co., 1981.  8.5" x 11" hardcover w/dj. 235 pages profusely illustrated. Ex Lib.  dj a little beat up; binding strained but tight.


Abrahams, Ethel and Rachel Pannabecker. “Better Choose Me,” QUILTER’S NEWSLETTER MAGAZINE (June, 2001), pp44-47 re folk arts with cigar felts and ribbons. Colored Xerox copy.

Anonymous. "Shop And Cigar Store Figures In America," THE PAPER AND ADVERTISING COLLECTOR Vol. XIX; no. 9 (September, 1997), pp1-2. Illus. Original p removed.

Beard, Daniel C. "Christmas Eve with Uncle Enos," THE BOOK BUYER Vol. I: No. 10 (November 1884), pp 312-314. Xerox of instructions for making a cigar box banjo.

Carr, Daisy  Dean and Anna Mae Brady. CIGAR BOX FURNITURE. Pierre, SD: Capital Supply Co., 1914. Plans galore in this 5.25"x7"  illus 32 page soft cover in very fine condition.

Cozart, Dorothy. "When the Smoke Cleared," THE QUILT DIGEST. Annual publication. San Francisco: The Quilt Digest Press, 1987, pp50-57. Xerox of article on quilting with cigar ribbons.

Cummins, Deborah, "Tracking the Tramp Art Tradition," THE OUTSIDER Vol. I: No. 2 (Winter 1996), pp22-24. xerox copy. Good article. Not made by tramps.

Fried, Freerick and Mary.  AMERICA’S FORGOTTEN FOLK ARTS.  New York: Pantheon Books, 1978.  Hardcover, 208 pp, profusely illustrated look at Indians and other figures. Near mint.  Autographed by Fred. 

Fried, Frederick.  ARTISTS IN WOOD.  New York: Clarkson Potter, 1970.  Profusely illustrated 297 page hardcover in original dust jacket.  Have two copies, one heavily marked with underlining and notations.

Hall, A. Neely, "Cigar-Box Toys for Christmas," LADIES HOME JOURNAL  (December, 1908), one page xerox copy.

Honness, Elizabeth.  MYSTERY OF THE WOODEN INDIAN.  Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott, 1958. [  ]

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_______“Professional Sound Violin with No Carving-No Bending” 6 highly informative pages derived from his book (above, released not long after this was wr tten. writtten, Published to accompany the following:

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PIPES, etc.

Haider, Edit, and Anna Ridovics.  THE HISTORY OF THE HUNGARIAN PIPEMAKER’S CRAFT. Budapest: Hungarian National Museum, 2000. Great Museum exhibition catalog. 255 pages.  8”x9” illus. Like new. Very rare beautiful and interesting book.

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Herment, Georges.  THE PIPE.  New York:  Simon & Schuster, 1957.  164 page  illustrated paperback.

_______.  TRAITE DE LA PIPE.  Paris: Editions Denoel, 1965.  256 page illustrated hardcover with minor damage to dust jacket otherwise excellent throughout.

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McCary, Ben C.  “Artistic Efforts of Virginia Indians as Shown on Two Pipe Fragments,” Photocopy of typed original manuscript, presumably published tho source unidentified. Ex. Bud Markham collection. Fine. Filed in Library is 7x10 manilla envelope.

Omwake, H, G. “Date-BCRE Diameter Correlation in English White Kaolin Pipe Stems, Yes or No?” Photocopy of typed original manuscript, presumably published tho source unidentified. Ex Bud Markham collection. Fine. Filed in Library is 7x10 manilla envelope.

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_______. COLLECTING ANTIQUE MEERSCHAUMS.  Atglen, PA: Schiffer, 1999. Hardcover, 176 pp, profusely illus. Important book.  Mint condition. Typical sloppy

proofreading for which this publisher is renown resulted in three different titles; the author’s preference is listed here.

_______.   A COMPLETE GUIDE TO COLLECTING ANTIQUE PIPES.  Exton, PA:  Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., 1979. [hb] Autographed first edition.

_______. THE CONTINUING ROMANCE WITH TOBACCO: EXPOSITIONS AND EXHIBITIONS 1985-1990.   9pp Xerox copy, 8.5”x11” typescript published by the author, 1991. Mint condition

_______. PIPE, CIGAR, SNUFF AND MATCH ORGANIZATIONS, SOCIETIES AND THEIR MAGA-ZINES, YESTERDAY AND TODAY.  Reston, VA: by the author, 1990.   23pp  mimeo  list.  Mint condition. 2 copies: 1 August, 1 December, revision.

_______. A SAMPLING OF MUSEUMS WITH INTEREST IN TOBACCO.  Reston, VA: by the author, 1990. 15pp mimeographed. Mint condition.

_______.   Tobaccollections: A Guided Tour of Pipe, Pouch and Printed Matter in North America."  THE ANTIQUE TRADER WEEKLY (August 19, 1975), pp42-44.  [mag]

Stokes, Robert W.  COLLECTOR’S GUIDE TO KAYWOODIE PIPES: A Partial Chronology of Kaywoodie Grades, Shapes and Prices (1936-1969). 81pp 8.5”x11” paper cover,  profusely illustrated. Houston: published by the author, 1989.  No relevance to cigars. Mint condition limited edition example of what collectors can do for their fellows. Includes mss letter and business card of author.


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_______, FIGURAL HUMIDORS: MOSTLY VICTORIAN. Baltimore: FTJ Publications, 1997. Hardcover w/dj 232 pp profusely illus. Autographed. Beautiful book.

Vogel, (???).  CONTA & BOEHME PORCELAIN. Ocala FL: by the author.  11 page stapled handout  given at meting of The Society of Tobacco Jar Collectors. 2000(?)


Schild, Gary. TOBACCO TIN TAGS.  Westbrook, CT: by the author, 1972.  Self published 85pp trade paperback approx. 3,000 varieties of tin tobacco tags.  Autographed. Includes pencil notations regarding brands not listed.

Storino, Louis. CHEWING TOBACCO TIN TAGS, 1870-1930. Atglen, PA: Schiffer, 1995. Trade paper, 208 pp, profusely illus.  1st Edition had lots of typos and errors, corrected in 2nd edition. Covers all tin tobacco tags, not just those used on chewing tobacco.

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