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[x]: xerox copy 

[hb]: hardcover book

[bp]: paperback book

[mag]: entire magazine in which article appears

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COMPANIA GENERAL DE TABACOS DE FILIPINAS v. ALHAM-BRA CIGAR, U.S. Supreme Court, 1919. Fight over Isabella trade mark.

EUGENE VALLENS ET AL. vs. FREDERICK TELLMAN ET AL. TRANSCRIPT ON APPEAL.  San Francisco: Supreme Court of the State of Califor-nia, 1893.  7”x10”, paper, 146 pp.

EUGENE VALLENS ET AL. vs. FREDERICK TELLMAN ET AL. BRIEF ON BEHALF OF APPELLANTS.  San Francisco: Supreme Court of the State of California, 1893.  7”x10”, paper, 36 pp.

EUGENE VALLENS ET AL. vs. FREDERICK TELLMAN ET AL. BRIEF ON BEHALF OF RESPONDENTS.  San Francisco: Supreme Court of the State of California, 1893.  7”x10”, paper, 28 pp.

EUGENE VALLENS ET AL. vs. FREDERICK TELLMAN ET AL. BRIEF IN REPLY ON BEHALF OF APPELLANTS.  San Francisco: Supreme Court of the State of California, 1893.  7”x10”, paper, 13 pp.





Re Paul ,94 NY 497 (Jan 1884) (tobacco manufacture was occurring in rooms and apartments, not just factories as now; the case issue was a challenge to banning this, limiting manufacturing to non-residential areas)

Matter of Jacobs , 33 Hun 374; 2 NY Cr 346 (Oct 1884) aff'd 2 NY Cr 539; 98 NY 98; 50 Am Rep 636 (20 Jan 1885) (issue of banning cigarette manufacture in tenements)

Blackwell vWright , 73 NC 310 (Fall 1874) reh den 74 NC 733 (Jan 1876) (enjoining another's use of the "Durham" label)

W. T. Blackwell & Co vW. G. Dibrell & Co , 3 Fed Cas 549 (#1,475); 3 Hughes 151; 17 Am Law Reg  (NS) 516; 14 OG 633 (ED Virginia, 13 Jan 1878) (trademark label case, unauthorized use of the word "Durham")

Kaufman vFarley Mfg Co , 78 Iowa 679; 43 NW 612 (28 Oct 1889) (one of a number of cases involving a manufacturer attempt to terminate a jobber)

Weener vBrayton , 152 Mass 101; 8 LRA 640 (24 June 1890) ( fraudulent use of label case)

McVey vBrendel , 144 Pa 235; 13 LRA 377 (5 Oct 1891) ( cigar makers trade union label case )

D'Estrinoz vGerker , 43 F 285, 286 (ED Pa , 8 April 1890).  SCB: GA 5251 (defining "Cigar: A bunch of tobacco rolled together and put into shape for smoking, and intended for that use." 11 CJ 765 n 77)

Joseph vMacowsky , 96 Cal 518; 31 P 914 (30 Nov 1892) (one of a number of trademark misrepresentation cases)

Anargyros vEgyptian Amasis Cigarette Co , 54 App Div 345; 66 NYS 626 (9 Nov 1900) (trademark infringement case, as ex-employee used a similar style)

Felsenheld / Merry World Tobacco vU S , 186 US 126; 22 S Ct 740; 46 L Ed 1085 (19 May 1902) (confiscated tobacco, banned for having anything other than tobacco therein)

Hirschhorn vBradley , 117 Iowa 130; 90 NW 592 (20 May 1902) (manufacturer attempt to terminate cigar sales agent)

American Tobacco Co vWerckmeister , 207 US 284; 28 S Ct 72; 52 L Ed 208; 12 Ann Cas 595 (2 Dec 1907) (copyright infringement case, every reproduction of a copyrighted work must bear the statutory notice).  SCB: 76 CCA 647; 146 F 375

Werckmeister vAmerican Tobacco Co , 207 US 375; 28 S Ct 124; 52 L Ed 254 (CA 2, 16 Dec 1907) (copyright infringement case).  SCB: 138 F 162; 74 CCA 682; 144 F 1023

State vGoodrich , 133 Wis 242; 113 NW 388; 14 Ann Cas 932; 11 CJ 766 (15 Oct 1907) (distinguishing between definition of cigarettes and small cigars, for purposes of banning cigarettes as other states, e.g., Iowa , had done).  Important info.

Web has tons more with myriad links to yet more


Allen & Ginter.  WITH THE POETS IN SMOKELAND.  Richmond:  Allen & Ginter, ca. 1880’s.  6”x9” string bound.  Poetry accompanied by wonderful watercolor illustrations of tobacco growing and manufacture printed by Lindner, Eddy & Clauss, Litho. in NYC.  A cover crease and some slight damage at string holes.

Anonymous. "The Drummer and His Grip," PICADURA IMPORT PICKINGS. Cincinnati: L. Newburger & Bro, n.d. (1900-1905?). Poem about salesmen in paper cover 2.5"x4" 16 page collection of jokes, poems, etc., as ad for PICADURA IMPORT cigars.

_______.  HAPPINESS IS...THE BEST OF THE HAMLET MOMENTS.  London, England: Chancellor Press, 1993. 10.25”  x  7.75” hardcover in new condition. Book of cartoons about HAMLET cigars.

_______.  “On a Segar,” THE AMERICAN MUSEUM OR REPOSITORY OF ANCIENT AND MODERN FUGITIVE PIECES, &C.  Philadelphia, Carey, Stewart, and Co., Vol. I: No. 1 (January, 1787), page 76. A 3 stanza poem. Original magazine with a few creased or corner-smashed pages.

_______. "Poppet's Cigarette," FRANK LESLIE'S POPULAR MONTHLY, Vol. IV: No 5 (date missing), pp593-595. Original 3pp removed from magazine, trimmed so date removed. Cute early story of feisty woman who refuses to give up Honradez, Havanas and pipes to suit her fiance.

_______. THE RUBAIYAT OF OMAR CIGARETTES. No publisher, place or date given, Sponsored by maker of Omar cigarettes 4 1/8" x 6 5/8" hardcover of 64 pages of illustrated adventures in rhyme.

_______.  THE SMOKER'S GUIDE, PHILOSOPHER AND FRIEND.  "By a Veteran of Smokedom."  London:  Hardwicke & Bogue, 1877.   3 1/2”x5” hard-cover with colored frontispiece of tobacco plant.  184pp + advertising.  Fourth Thousand.  Excellent condition, slight cover darkening and binding twist. 

_______.   THUS THINK AND SMOKE TOBACCO: A Rhyme xvii Century, drawings and decorations by George Wharton-Edwards.  New York:  Frederick A. Stokes Company, 1890.  Hardcover, 15 pp profusely illus.  Cover corner bruising.  Leather ties missing, some end papers loose...but a very nice copy of a hard to find book.

Bain, John Jr.  TOBACCO IN SONG & STORY.  New York:  H.M. Caldwell Co., 1896.  4.5”x6.5” leather bound, w/scattered dingbat style illustrations.  Leather in good shape except for tear at top of spine.  Binding poor.

________.  TOBACCO IN SONG & STORY.  New York:  H.M. Caldwell Co., 1896.  4.5”x6.5” leather bound, w/scattered dingbat style illustra-tions.  Leather shows stains, fading, tear at top of spine.  Binding better than first copy, but cover partially torn from binding.  Two former owner’s ink dedications (1903, 1937).

Frankau, Gilbert. PETER JACKSON: CIGAR MERCHANT. London: Hutchinson & Co., Ltd., 19?? Xerox copy of selected pages.

Fume, Joseph. A PAPER OF TOBACCO; TREATING OF THE RISE, PROGRESS, PLEASURES, AND ADVANTAGES OF SMOKING. London: Chapman and Hall, 1839.  Beautiful leather bound copy except cover neatly severed from book.

Herford, Oliver, Ethel Watts Mumford and Addison Mizner. THE CYNIC'S CALENDAR OF REVISED WISDOM FOR 1904. San Francisco: Paul Elder and Company, 1902. 1903 edition. Hardcover 4" x 5.5" of approx 60 pages with advertising copy for CORTEZ cigars, from whom it could be ordered for 25¢. Limited edition., Cover in fair condition binding very weak, back pages about to come off. Decorated pages, a few illustrations.

_______. Ibid. Leather bound with A PINCH OF SNUFF by Dean Snift, pseudonym of Earle B. Hill.

Ironimus. NO SMOKING.  Vienna-Munich: K. Wedl, 1958.  Hardcover 5” x 8” collection of single page text-free panel cartoons about smoking.

Very fine w/ minor binding damage. 

Knight, Joseph (compiler).  PIPE AND POUCH: THE SMOKER’S OWN BOOK OF POETRY.  Boston: Joseph Knight Company, 1895.  182 page 5”x7” hardcover.  Selections of poetry on all facets of tobacco use.  Frontispiece illus.  In excellent but not mint condition.  Dirt smudges and small tear on 1st TOC page.  Tight binding.  Red/gilt cover.

Levine, Sanford. "Cigar, Best Scenes," in THE 247 BEST MOVIE SCENES IN FILM HISTORY. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc., 1992. Xerox copy of cigar chapter.

Medina,  Pablo.  THE CIGAR ROLLER.  New York: Grove Press, 2005.  Uncorrected proof of soft cover novel 5" x 7.25" new.

Millhauser, Steven. MARTIN DRESSLER. [xerox of chapter two , describing an 1881 cigar store].

Quad, M. [pseud].  THE LIME KILN CLUB.  Franklin Series, #17. Chicago: W.B. Conkey Co. [on cover], Homewood Publishing Co. [on title page], 1894. 300 page paperback reprint originally published c. 1880. Racist satire about national meeting of the Lime Kiln Club.  Lime Kiln brand cigars and smoking tobacco. Rare and desirable. Cover loose, cover and spine show some tattering, and a few pages have minor corner chips. Generally a good sound copy. 

Shoemaker, Frank. SMOKE. Illus. by A.R. Bowker. Philadelphia: The Penn Publishing Company, 1907.  7” long cigar shaped humorous book of drawings and sayings.  Worn but complete condition with sound binding.

Sims, Albert, compiler. THE WITCHING WEED. London: George G. Harrap, [n.d.] (1910±). 3 3/4” x 5 1/4”  leather covered, 207 page compilation of poems and writings, one color plate, in perfect like-new mint condition. Gorgeous. Paid $65.

Thackeray, William Makepeace.  THE CHEST OF CIGARS.  Privately printed in 250 copies for Thomas Nast Fairbanks, San Francisco, 1918. [ ? ]

Wells, H.G. "The Wild Asses of the Devil," a 1908 short story reprinted in ASTRONAUTS AND ALIENS. pp213-214 torn from book contains explanation of how the devil smokes cigars.


Bacon, Reginald W. [a.k.a. Mr. Slim]. THE JUGGLER’S MANUAL OF CIGAR BOX MANIPULATION & BALANCE.  Illustrated by Barbara Kasa. Groveland, MA: Variety Arts Press, 1983. Trade size 100p staple bound paperback like new.  Have three copies (one near new, one excellent, 3rd has some minor page damage).

Chanin, Jack, with illus by: John Hoot. CIGAR MANIPULATIONS: The Only Complete Treatise on Cigar Magic.  Philadelphia: by the author, 1937.  5”x8” 80 pp illus in ex condition except for  dime size stain on cover.

Morgan, ‘Happy”, COMEDY PANTOMIME CIGAR-BOX “JUGGLING” ACT, in three pages 8.5” x 11” illustrated trifold instructions accompanying three boxes (have).


American Snuff Company. SNUFF ALMANAC.  Memphis: American Snuff Co., 1954. 36pp illus. Paper covered, fine condition.

Anonymous.  "Cigarete Making by Machinery,"  SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, v?:#? (June 1, 1878), p344.  Mint condition sheet removed from magazine.  Illus.

_______.   "In a Tobacco Factory,”  HARPER’S NEW MONTHLY MAGA-ZINE v47:281  (October 1873) pp 713-719.  Excellent condition original magazine with profusely illus article (10 illus) describing life in a Richmond factory shortly after the Civil War.

_______.  TIMEFRAME AD 1800 - 1850  THE PULSE OF ENTER-PRISE.  incomplete citation as of  limited use in cigar research. Alexandria, VA: Time-Life Books, 2008.


_______.   TOBACCOLAND U.S.A.  Durham: Liggett & Myers, 1943. 44p profusely illus look at cigarette production during the 1930's and 40's.  Oversized, paper covers.  Very informative. Center crease, otherwise very good.  100's of pictures.  [cp]

Aschenbrenner, H. and Dr. Gunther Stahl.  HANDBUCH DES HANDELS MIT TABAKWAREN.  Berlin: Verlag Richard Gahl, 1939.

Ashley, Peter. THE CIGARETTE PAPERS.  London; Francis Lincoln Press, 2012.  Softcover, 8” x 7” 112 pages.  mint.  Profusely illustrated but not the best possible choices. Uninformative anecdotal. Skip.

Axton, W.F.  TOBACCO AND KENTUCKY.  One of a series, the Kentucky Bicentennial Bookshelf.  Lexington: The University Press of Kentucky, 1975.  [hb]

Bain, John Jr. in collaboration with Carl Werner.  CIGARETTES IN FACT OR FANCY.  New York: H.M. Caldwell Co., 1906.  [  ]

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Barton, Robert.  PLUG TOBACCO AND FINE ART.  The Collector's Monograph Series.  New York: The William Bradford Press, 1932.  [x]

Blum, Alan, M.D., ed.  THE CIGARETTE UNDERWORLD.  Secaucus: Lyle Stuart inc., 1985.  128 page, paper cover, illus with ads. Originally published in the NEW YORK STATE JOURNAL OF MEDICINE as a special issue, "The World Cigarette Pandemic," in December 1983.  Of particular interest because this and below are illustrated from Blum's collection of cigarette ads.

________.  "The World Cigarette Pandemic II,"  NEW YORK STATE JOURNAL OF MEDICINE, v85:#7  (July, 1985), Special issue.  [mag]

Chapman, Simon, et alia.  “The World Cigarette Pandemic Part II (Seventy one articles by various authors)”, NEW YORK STATE JOURNAL OF MEDICINE, v 85: no. 7 (July, 1985).  Pages 279-477. Covers wide variety of topics from liability to eduction. Fine condition.

Chiu, Ping.  CHINESE LABOR IN CALIFORNIA, 1850-1880. Madison, WI: State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1867. A few Xeroxed pages.


Crawford, F. Marion.  A CIGARETTE MAKER'S ROMANCE.  New York: International Association of Newspapers and Authors, 1901.  [hb]

Cunningham, Rob.  SMOKE & MIRRORS.  THE CANADIAN TOBACCO WAR.  Ottawa:  International Development Research Center, 1996.  376 pp some illus. Looks at modern 1990’s efforts against tobacco companies.

Dew, Lee A.  HISTORY OF THE PINKERTON TOBACCO COMPANY: THE FLAVOR OF AMERICA.  Richmond, VA: Cadum Communications, 1994. Hardcover w/dj, 329 pages, 6" x 9". Fine condition. 20 grouped pages of b/w photos. Fine condition.

Dillow, Gordon L. "Thank You for Not Smoking: the Hundred-Year War Against the Cigarette,". No magazine title, no place, no date (1980+), pp 95-107. xerox sent to me as a gift.

Dodd, George.  "A Day at a Tobacco and Snuff Factory," in DAYS AT THE FACTORIES; OR THE MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY OF GREAT BRITAIN DESCRIBED. London: Charles Knight & Co., 1843.

Dunhill, Mary.  OUR FAMILY BUSINESS.  London: The Bodley Head, 1979.  [hb]

Elliott, Richard. “Ansley H. Fox And “The World’s Greatest Cigarette,” BRANDSTAND (December 1998 - January 1999), pp 14-15. Original mag in mint; self-lighting cigarettes.

Fitz-Simons, Foster. BRIGHT LEAF. New York & Toronto: Rinehart & Co. 1948.  Hardcover, 466 pages.

Flannagan, Roy C.  THE STORY OF LUCKY STRIKE.  1939 NY Worlds Fair Edition.  Richmond: American Tobacco Co., 1938.  94pp 5”x8” hard-cover.  Board covers embossed with Fair symbol. Clay paper with photos on numbered pages.  Excellent condition; minor  dirt smudge on cover label.

________.  THE STORY OF LUCKY STRIKE. Richmond: [American Tobacco Co.], 1938.  71 page 5”x8” hardcover with wraps.  Same text as above, but this is the original edition on laid paper and heavier cover.  Photo pages inserted and not numbered. This edition does not include the frontispiece of the Lucky Strike exhibit at the World’s Fair.  Near mint condition except wraps torn.  Very slight binding twist.

Gage, Deborah and Madeleine Marsh.  TOBACCO CONTAINERS & ACCESSORIES: Their Place in Eighteenth Century European Social History.  London:  Gage Bluett & Company, 1988.  Paperback, 144 pages, well illustrated.  7.5” x 12”.  Very fine condition.

Gage, Earle William. "Just 300 years Ago, The Tobacco Industry was Started."  THE DISPATCH (August 24, 1919) pp?. Xerox copy. Though illus are of cigars, article is all Southern tobacco history. Little use.

Geffen, Elizabeth, "Violence in Philadelphia in the 1840's and 1850's" in PENNSYLVANIA HISTORY, Vol. XXXVI: Number 4 (October, 1969), pages 381-410. Original magazine in near mint condition.

Green, Randall Elisha. THE LEAF SELLERS: A HISTORY OF U.S. TOBACCO WAREHOUSES 1619 TO THE PRESENT. Lexington, KY: The Burley Auction Warehouse Association, 1996. 6”x9” paper covered 176 pp.  A few portraits. Fine.

Hamilton, A.E.  THIS SMOKING WORLD.  London, England:  Methuen & Co. LTD, 1928.  178pp.  [hb]

Hastings, H.L.  I GIVE EIGHTEEN REASONS TO A MEMBER OF THE Y.M.C. ASSOCIATION, TO DROP TOBACCO. Tract No. 400 R. Boston: Anti-Tobacco Tract Depository, [n.d.](19th century 1870-1900). Single page two sided 5"x8" illus of Ben Franklin.

_______. THE IDOL OF TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS. Tract No. 408 R. Boston: Anti-Tobacco Tract Depository, [n.d.](19th century 1870-1900). Single page two sided 5"x8" illus of tobacco idol and smoking worshippers.

_______.  THE TOBACCO CONSUMPTIVE. Tract No. 210 H. Boston: Anti-Tobacco Tract Depository, [n.d.] (19th century 1870-1900). Single page two sided 5"x8" illus of pipe smoker in bed.

Hatcher, W.C. 'Tobacco Bill,' "Caddy labels and tin tags,"  RETAIL TOBACCON-IST Vol. III: No. 5 (September/October 1992), pp18-19, 24-25. Xerox copy. Moderate interest only.

Hauge, Ron, et al.  101 WAYS TO ANSWER THE REQUEST WOULD YOU PLEASE PUT OUT THAT #(!&*{!$ CIGAR.  New York:  Simon & Schuster, 1987 127pp.  illus. Dreadfully rude little booklet cigar folks sponsored. Ugh.

Hearn, Michael Patrick. "R.F. Outcault: The Father of the American Comic Strip," AMERICAN BOOK COLLECTOR (July, 1986), pages 12-20. Xerox copy.

Heining, Richard G.  A HISTORY OF HURRICANES IN THE WESTERN FLORIDA PANHANDLE.  46th Weather Squadron, Eglin AF Base, Florida.  Not in the NCM collection, 

Henry, Carl. THE TRUE STORY OF LADY NICOTINE.  New York:  Carl Henry, Inc., 1928.  [cp]

Herndon, G. Melvin.  WILLIAM TATHAM AND THE CULTURE OF TOBACCO including a facsimile reprint of Tatham’s AN HISTORICAL AND PRACTICAL ESSAY ON THE CULTURE AND COMMERCE OF TOBACCO.  Coral Gables: University of Miami Press, 1969.  506 pp, hard cover w/dj.  Very fine.

James I.  A COUNTER-BLASTE TO TOBACCO.  Emmaus, PA: Rodale Books, 1954. Reprint.  [pb]

Johnston, James F.W.  "The Narcotics We Indulge In: Tobacco" in THE CHEMISTRY OF COMMON LIFE.  Revised edition by Arthur H. Church.  Edinburgh: William Blackwood and Sons, 1879.  [book chapter separately bound with two others on opium/marijuana]

Jones, Beverly and Claudia Egelhoff, eds.  WORKING IN TOBACCO: AN ORAL HISTORY OF DURHAM’S TOBACCO FACTORY WORKERS.  Durham, NC:  History Dept., NC Central University, 1988.  8.25” x 5.5” paper cover, stapled, illus.  44pp. VF condition.

Killough, Lucy Winsor. "Growth and Movement in the Cigarette Industry" in THE TOBACCO PRODUCTS INDUSTRY IN NEW YORK AND ITS ENVI-RONS. Economic Series Monograph #5. Economic and Industrial Survey, new York: Committee on Regional Plan of New York and its Environs, 1924. A look at ciggy-butts in new York City.

Klopfer, Hans-Dietrich.  120 JAHRE ZIGARETTEN-MASCHINENBAU IN DEN USA, ENGLAND, FRANK-REICH UND DEUTSCHLAND [120 Years Cigarette Machines).  Stuttgart, 1988.  6”x9” paper covered, illus. 100pp history of cigarette machines.  German and English text.  A fairly detailed look at the history.   Mint condition except minor corner bruise in shipment.

Kroeber, A.L.  SALT, DOGS, TOBACCO.  Anthropological Records v6:#1. Berkeley: Univ of California, 1941.  Xerox copy.

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Mills, Edward. "Lucky Strike Cigarette," EDWARD W. MILLS CHAUTAUQUA LECTURER. Chicago, Boys International Anti-Cigarette League, 1923. 3.5"x6.5" 6pp foldout brochure. Original in fine condition. Great anti-smoking poem plays off 'it's toasted" slogan.

Northrup, Herbert Roof.  THE NEGRO IN THE TOBACCO INDUSTRY.  The Racial Policies of American Industry, Report No. 13.  Philadelphia: Industrial Research Unit, Department of Industry, Wharton School of Finance and Commerce, University of Pennsylvania, 1970. [x]

_______.  “The Tobacco Workers International Union, QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS, Vol. 56, #3 (August, 1942), pp. 606-626.  xerox.

Patton, Phil. "'Sell the cookstove if necessary, but come to the Fair'," AMERICAN HERITAGE? SMITHSONIAN?  pp 38-51. Article beautifully illustrated torn from magazine with no bibliographic data. For shame.

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Rapaport, Ben. "Pipe Mixtures for the Masses: A Look Back at Tobacco Blends," PIPES & TOBACCOS, Vol. I: no number (January, 2002), 8p computer print out sent by Ben. Interesting look at tobacco adulteration in doctoral dissertation style.

[Reemtsma]  TOBAGO: A PICTURE BOOK OF TOBACCO AND THE PLEASURES OF SMOKING.  Published in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of H.F. & Ph.F. Reemtsma, cigarette makers, 1970. Beautiful illus hardbound.

Robert, Joseph C.  THE STORY OF TOBACCO IN AMERICA.  New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1952.  Hardcover.

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Tait, Lyal. THE PETUNS: TOBACCO INDIANS OF CANADA. Port Burwell, Ontario:  Erie Publishers, 1971.

Harryman, John Joseph. "The Gooney Bird Cigarette Box," Signed 3 page typed story of how he came to posses an inlaid cigarette box. Accompanied by color snapshot.

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Tobacco Workers International Union. CONSTITUTION OF THE TOBACCO WORKERS INTERNATIONAL UNION, AFL-CIO, CLC. As revised by the 15th Regular Convention of the Tobacco Workers International Union held September 18-22, 1972.  4"x6" paper covered. Like new condition. 88pp.

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New  Yorfk: Skyhorse Publishing, 2017.  8x10 paper cover, 166 pages of full color 20th C ads. Disappointing. Skip.

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