The Cigar History Museum will ultimately be very large, involving 10,000+ photographs and three to four hundred chapters detailing all aspects of the industry here, Canada and Cuba, with some information on cigar industry operations on other continents.

        The Site Outline shows the direction this portion of the National Cigar Museum is going.

        As 2010 opens, I have completed 200 exhibits and have 5,000 images posted. New material is posted every month.


Cigar History Gallery

A National Cigar History Museum Gallery 

Text and images © Tony Hyman

Last two Exhibits in this Gallery added: January, 2013

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57  Exhibits Open

Cigar History 1492-1762

The spread of tobacco

Cigar History 1762-1862

The spread of cigars

Cigar History 1863-1877

The Fighting Decade

Cigar History 1878-1915

The Golden Age

Cigar History 1916-1962

The Machine Age

Cigar History 1932-1942

The Depression Coming

Cigar History 1942-1962

Post-WII Age Coming

Cigar History_events

OPEN: more coming


When they held 1000

Selling Cigars

All sorts of ways

Cigar Salesmen

Hard working guys

Street vendors

A hard life

Cigar displays in stores

Let me count the ways

Dishonest Salesmen

Such a deal for you

Auction fraud

Going once, going...

Censorship and cigars

To boob or not to boob


The dozen tools needed


Set the standards

White Labor

The anti-Chinese era

Chinese Factories

San Francisco 1897

Huge Gimmick Cigars

Smoke that!


Inventive or weird


Weird two


Weird three



Not what you think

Cigar Factories 1885

3 basic sizes

Cigar Factories 1885

Where were they?

NYC factories 1887

A brief overview


OPEN: more coming

Trade weed for a wife

A good swap

Tax history

A tumultuous one

Cigar tax wars

Five tough years

Import taxes

Paid for our gov’t

Federal Tax Districts

Fewer and bigger

Floyd_and_ Stewart

CT shadeleaf pioneers

Growing CT shadeleaf

Pix of Floyd’s farm

Companies & brands

OPEN: more coming

H. Fendrich, Indiana

Story and pictures

Cigar Box lumber

Is rarely cedar

Flying Cigar Store

A 10 Week Gimmick


Coming Attractions

Uptegrove Lumber Co.

An American Story Coming

Advertising cigars

Opening soon



How boxes are made

Late 2016

How tins are made

Late 2016

Cigar factories

Basic types

How machines work


something else

History of printing

Late 2015



Uptegrove Lumber Co.

An American Story Coming