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        You are invited to stay for a preview of the H.C. White stereoviews that will be featured. This photographically high-quality set provided the merest of captions. Photos were taken on the farm of the Connecticut Tobacco Corp. in the town of Tariffville.  The farm was managed by Marcus L. Floyd, an important scholar-author of “Tobacco” for the 1890 Census Publication and a pioneer developer of Connecticut Shade Leaf.  The farm depicted is run in a scientific manner along the lines urged by successful Havana-under-cheesecloth pioneer J.B. Stewart.

        At this time, I believe sufficient information is available elsewhere to cover the history and practice of growing cigar tobacco worldwide. As a result it will be a while before this is filled in.


Growing Connecticut Shadeleaf

in 1910

As depicted in a series of 30 stereo-views published by the H.C. White Co.,

New York, Chicago, London, & North Bennington VT.  Circa 1910.

Hyman’s National Cigar History Museum Exclusive 

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