Upright cans made of glass and cardboard were used as early as the 1850’s but I have yet to see a tin can from the 1800’s. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any, but they certainly aren’t common.  This exhibit is a selection from my collection of  20th century upright cans with the advertising and legal copy printed directly on the tin. You’ll find other cans scattered in other exhibits throughout the Museum. Cans with paper labels can be seen in a separate exhibit. How cans and boxes are made is a topic eventually covered elsewhere. 

    The exhibit begins with a summary of the different types of cans and ends with snapshots of the fabulous cigar tin collection of Jeff Lehr.

Tin Cans

A National Cigar Museum Exhibit

© Tony Hyman

Last updated  Jan 18, 2010


  1. Slip top, plain

  2. Slip top, painted solid color

  3. Slip top, pictorial or textual

  4. Hinged lid, plain

  5. Hinged lid, painted solid color

  6. Hinged lid, pictorial or textual

  7. Rolled lid (green WAR EAGLE)

  8. Lid with punched holes (TANGO)

  9. Lid with sliding top vent (JAMES G. BLAINE)

  10. Lid with round top vent (ROXY KING)

  11. Vacuum pack

  12. Inset (QUE PLACER) unique?

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