Small flat tins holding ten cigars became an instant hit when they were legalized in 1897. ONLY cigarette-size smokes weighing less than 3 pounds per 1,000 could be packed in these 10/10 boxes (holding 10 cigars with 10 in the top row).

      This type of box, called a “flat ten” by collectors, was most popular from 1901-1917 but still used by BETWEEN THE ACTS and other brands in the 1950’s.

        Advertisers focussed on speed and convenience more than quality. At 1¢ each, that’s no surprise. The The Saturday Evening Post magazine ad offered a box of 50 and a bonus flat ten for a mail-in 50¢, c1910.


    Decades later, the speed theme remained, only

the price was different. c1930’s

                                    Ad (right) not in the NCM collection.  


Flat Tens   (10/10)

A National Cigar Museum Exhibit

© Tony Hyman

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