Labels & Other Trim

A National Cigar History Museum Exclusive 

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Minor update: August 1, 2013


      Trim is the name given by the box industry to all the labels and markings applied in one way or another to a cigar box.

    Some trim is applied by the box maker and other trim is pasted or stamped by the cigar factory after the box is packed full of cigars. A few pieces of trim may be applied by either.

    Most trim is optional. Some is required by law

Trim includes:

  1. Bullet  top brand on outside top of lid to identify brand name,

  2. Bullet  edging to cover the joints and nail heads,

  3. Bullet  inner label to attract the smoker’s eye,

  4. Bullet  liner to prevent cigars from interacting with the wood                                on the sides and bottom,

  5. Bullet  flaps to protect the inner label from the cigars,

  6. Bullet  outer / end label to identify the product on a shelf,

  7. Bullet  required factory ID  (1868-1962+)

  8. Bullet  required Caution Notice (1868-1959)  

  9. Bullet  required Tax Class Notice (1917-1962)

  10. Bullet  required Federal tax stamp. (1863-1959)

  11. Bullet  frontmark identifying size and shape of the cigar,

  12. Bullet  tags glued inside front, back or sides with ad copy,

  13. Bullet  color mark stamped / pasted on to note the cigars’ color,

  14. Bullet  nail tag to cover the nail which seals the box,

  15. Bullet  cigar bands for decoration,

  16. Bullet  price stickers,

  17. Bullet  banners across the inner label with ads or offers,

  18. Bullet  distributor’s label to identify the distributor;

  19. Bullet  box wrap is an alternative in which all trim is printed on three sheets, top, inner, and bottom-sides.

























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