The first novelty packaging appears to have been boxes shaped like books. Book-shaped boxes were similar enough to standard NW 50/13 boxes that they didn’t raise the ire of IRS and were permitted before the law of 1878 made novelties ubiquitous. Book boxes are found in 10, 12 and 100 boxes, but those are rare compared to the flood of more standard 25/13 and 50/13 packages. Book shaped boxes vary greatly in the degree of realism offered. 


Book-Shaped Boxes

National Cigar History Museum Exclusive 

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Modified: January 3, 2011


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    Most book-shaped boxes were intended as Christmas gifts and carry Holiday themes, but only a few of those are included here. Christmas books frequently carry no indication of maker or brand name other than Holiday greetings. Although a few are included here, most of the NCM Christmas books can be seen in the NCM Christmas exhibit.