Cigar label dogs, cats and other farm animals were not the only fauna on labels. Designers quickly saw the advantages of adding regal lions, sleek leopards and other less common of Nature’s creatures to their design palette. The 19th century was a time of learning and experimentation in retail and packaging worlds scrambling to find what worked. Without experimenting, who could say for certain that a cigar named after Rover would outsell a cigar being touted by a gopher? And, if Rover did happen to sell more, would those same statistic hold true a few towns over? Or in the state whose university had gophers as mascots?  Advertising anarchy ruled the century as manufacturers, wholesalers, jobbers and retailers all scrambled to find what images worked best to attract a smoker looking over a crowded cigar case.

Wild Animals on Boxes

A National Cigar History Museum Exclusive

© Tony Hyman

Last updated January 20, 2011

    In this exhibit I did not include anthropomorphic animals, those wearing human clothes and engaged in human activities, like ROYAL FAMILY. Perhaps, someday, the Museum might obtain enough of them to make an exhibit worthwhile. 


Cigars by Fred Fette, Pennsylvania, 1875

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