The men and women of the 1800’s may have worked hard, but the upper and growing middle class was every bit as sports and recreation nutty as their counterparts today. It was almost a given that men smoked cigars and men, and an ever-growing number of women, played and competed. 

    A national sports magazine recognized the relationship between cigars and sports more than 25 years ago. Its December 27, 1982 double issue (now a collector’s item) drew from the National Cigar Museum collection and became the first magazine to publish eight pages of attractive sports related cigar boxes that were sold in the days before radio and television.
    Here, for your enjoyment, are those boxes and a lot more.
In  building this collection, it’s been a goal of the NCM to obtain as many different sports and recreations as possible. As cigar boxes will attest, the huge variety of sports and other available recreations was no less than today.  There are so many boxes featuring the most popular pastimes of hunting, fishing, horse racing and baseball, that they are covered in separate exhibits.

Other Sports & Recreation

A National Cigar History Museum Exhibit 

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