The line between desk and pocket cutters is a fine one. I’ve included “hand size” cutters about four or five inches long in this Pocket Cigar Cutter exhibit. Without evidence to the contrary, I believe that many of the cutters in this exhibit were more likely to be found on a desk rather than in a coat pocket. I’ve classified cutters as desk or pocket based on arbitrary decisions which you’re welcome to comment on.

        These pictures are almost entirely taken of the astonishing cutter and lighter collection owned by Jerry Terranova. They were taken at Jerry’s New York home in the early 1980’s with the intention that Jerry and I would collaborate on a book. Subsequently I moved to California, and Jerry and I lost touch. Ultimately, Douglas Congdon-Martin, a staff writer for Schiffer Books, assembled two books about the Terranova collection. Alas, knowledgeable cutter and lighter experts, while amazed at the quality, quantity and variety of what Terranova has amassed, were highly critical of the accuracy of the information contained in the two Congdon-Martin volumes.

        Since cutters are not within my fields of interest, the pictures are presented for your enjoyment, sans extensive annotation. Cutters are predominantly bronze or pot metal, but a few made of silver, ivory, brass and other materials are found. For pricing, study eBay®. I’m happy to hear from someone qualified to write annotations.

Pocket Cigar Cutters

A National Cigar History Museum Exhibit

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