Classic Modern Humidors

A National Cigar Museum Exhibit 

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        I’ve never been overly interested in after-market humidors. My cigars were never expensive enough or purchased in sufficient quantity enough to warrant owning one. My collecting interests always centered on retail cigar boxes, and there were enough fine ones of those to gobble up all the collecting money I had available. That being said, a few years ago a set of four humidors came on the market that I found absolutely irresistible.

        The brainchild of James Colucci and Eric Workman, Marketing VP’s at cigar giant Altadis, the large (up to 24” wide) boxes represent four of this country’s most famous buildings. Made in China of some resin composite and lined in cedar, they were designed to retail at $800.

        Want one of these gorgeous buildings? A company representative said the first one came on the market in 1995 and they’re sold out, but you may be lucky enough to find a tobacconist with one left in stock. I’m told that a few have appeared on eBay as well.

       If you  are a tobacconist who has one, let me know and I’ll pass the word to potential customers who inquire.  <>

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The Jefferson Memorial


        In some respects the most distinctive

of the set of four, the Jefferson Memorial is

almost “square” at 17” wide and 15” tall,

presenting the smallest footprint of the

buildings. It is also the only one that opens

from the front, cabinet style, rather than from

the top, chest style. Drawers replace trays.

Sale pending.

    I love them and am proud to own them. If you’re lucky enough to find one, you will be too.

The Lincoln Memorial

            To make room for cigars, the inset containing the statue of the seated Lincoln had to be

    omitted. This particular humidor might have been more popular had Lincoln been visible. It’s still a Greco-Roman classic building and a fine place to store cigars.   Sale pending.


The Capitol Building

    Two feet wide, and

almost as tall, like the

White House it opens from

the top and has divided

trays with room for

dozens of cigars.

    The detail on these is

so good you can picture

yourself ascending the

staircase. Note the figural

finial atop the dome.


The White House

Front view,  front when open, and rear view.

Two lift out trays have moveable dividers.


Internet specials

    No gauges, one lift tray, one operating drawer, movable dividers, swing-out corner pillars and liberal use of cedar scent characterize these large [11” x 20” x 13” tall) heavy chests which have been popular ebay sellers for the past two years at prices between $150 and $250.

    This one carries an Upmann logo but has no connection with the company that I’m aware of. Other logos are available.

    I bought it for my spouse as a jewelry box.



    If a classic combination of

attractive and impractical appeals to you, here’s another frequent ebay offering, that usually sells for opening bid of $20 but carries $30 in additional s/h/i charges.

    Roughly 14” base and 11” high, the pyramid design is time honored, but more for tombs than humidors; reaching your cigars approaches the difficulty of robbing Tut’s burial place, and the upper lift-out trays are too small and oddly configured to be of much use. The wood is a soft variety of what appears to be tropical mahogany with a lovely burl painted on by first-rate Chinese burl fakers.

    I bought it because the configuration and paint job was so attractive. I probably won’t use it.


Friends of Partagas XV year celebration humidor

    I’ve included this gem because it’s probably the only opportunity you’ll get to see one. Owned by my friend, iweb mentor, and golfing partner Dr. David Diaz (aka Dr. Stogie Fresh).

    This is #5 of only 25 made to honor the 15th anniversary of the “Friends of Partagas.”

    Only two were autographed by Don Alejandro Robaina.


Dr. David “Stogie Fresh” Diaz custom humidor

    Cigar expert, author, and close personal friend, Dr. David “Stogie Fresh” Diaz has commissioned a Limited Edition of 100 humidors made by Vanderburgh Humidors to his rigorous specifications.  Maple, walnut and cedar are beautifully combined in this 165 cigar work of art. For more information go to <>