Cigar Industry of the U.S., 

1762 - 1962

The history of cigars, cigar boxes, cigar labels,  cigar making, cigar cutters, cigar premiums, cigar tools, cigar promotions,

and other things cigar in the U.S. + some Canada and Cuba.

An untold story...until now

Updated and corrected  April 28, 2013

I’m Tony Hyman. 
   Collecting twelve different cigar boxes one day in 1952 triggered a quest to discover how many different brands and boxes there were.
  60 years later, I can report it’s a surprising 2,000,000+.  
  Even more fascinating was learning cigar boxes were designed by THE pioneers in point-of-sale package design and used by THE pioneers of modern marketing. Their use of cutting edge technology and materials combined with an uncanny response to customers’ wants paved the way for all modern advertising.
  You will find 230 Exhibits containing thousands of boxes and photos, with more to come eventually. My History Museum is on hold as of March 2013.
Lots to enjoy already.

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