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Tins & Tobacco in The Netherlands

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    Amsterdam, the Netherlands, was one of the world’s largest tobacco ports and distribution centers since the 1600’s. Cigar manufacture and distribution has been important for two centuries. It’s rich history will ultimately be the topic of this site, a cooperative venture between Peter Lingg and me.

    Meanwhile, I’ll post random notes here.   

    In Valkenswaard the making of cigars began in 1864 with the foundation of van Best Brothers. In 1903 Jacobus Heesterbeek founded a factory, which later became the Hofnar Cigar Factories. With the consent of  the van Best Brothers, his employer, H. Kersten opened the Willem II factory in 1916. Besides another sixty small cigar works, it were notably these three persons who made the name of Valkenswaard known world-wide. During the last week of the Second World War many factories were bombed. Not everyone was able to reopen their cigar factories. 

    The anti smoking publicity since the 1960’s is responsible for a considerable fall of the consumption of cigars. Mergers and other  cooperative ventures are the order of the day. Dropping sales caused Hofnar to close in November 1990. As part of the Swedish Match concern, Willem II is operating as the last cigar factory left in Valkenswaard,