Sheet Music About Cigars & Cigarettes

        I’m looking for sheet music from around the world for songs or music about cigars, or music dedicated to a cigar company, or sheet music given away by a cigar company.

    I also buy “cigarette” songs, which feature smoking’s enjoyment, ritual, harmful effects or other facet of cigarette use or history.

    The Sheet Music exhibit pictures and describes sheet music I currently own and some that I’m looking for.


Sheet Music Wanted

A National Cigar History Museum Feature. 

© Tony Hyman

Last Revised November 28, 2012

Some Sheet Music I Want

        I want to buy any sheet music you don’t see in my Museum (and some you do see) that relates to cigars or cigarettes in a similar manner.

        I can only list missing titles with which I am familiar...

So please ask if you think you might have something I want.

        Titles that I know I’m looking for are from the U.S., Great Britain, and Australia.

      Free and Easy (published in 1825)

      A Smokin' His Cigar (published late 1860s)

      Oh, that Box of Cigars!

      Mother’s Got the Habit Now

      Ben Bey

      Mr. Churchill's Cigar  (published 1954)

      Cigarettes will Kill You

       Some of the music seen in the Museum Exhibit of Sheet Music

is not owned by me, though pictured. I’m looking for my own copy of the following titles: