The illustrations in this Exhibit are graphics of various sorts I have seen and would like to add to the Museum’s collection.  This list is NOT exhaustive as there are many other illustrations I would buy that I have never seen.

        Please inquire about any lithographs, engravings, paintings, drawings, photos, government documents, scrapbooks, labels, advertisements, business or trade cards and other graphic or typographic arts prior to 1890 if they are about cigar smoking, cigar making, cigar tobacco growing, or pre 1850 tobacco use of all types, etc. 

        Late 19th Century Vanity Fair type smokers are not of interest.

    One not pictured here, but wanted very much, illustrates Israel Putnam and a powder keg (actually tobacco) with a lit fuse used to dupe English troops.


Prints Wanted

A National Cigar Museum Exclusive 

© Tony Hyman



Updated May 7, 2015