Magazines & Newspapers WANTED

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Uploaded September 28, 2012



    For research or illustration, I buy newspapers and magazines with accounts related to cigar factories, cigar labor disputes, cigar crimes, cigar anything prior to 1900, especially those prior to 1860.

    I'll buy newspapers with display or classified ads for cigars prior to 1850, including notices of ships landed with cigar cargo put up for auction, especially when brands, quantities and places of origin are mentioned.

    A few specific issues are wanted, those in red especially so:

•  All newspapers & prints from the 1700's that mention cigars in any way;

•  Papers and magazines pre-1860 with cigars in editorials, news or travel accounts;

•  LONDON MAGAZINE for May 1820 about cigar quality and fraud;

  1. ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, Jan 16th, 1864 p 66 (a xerox of the story    

  2.         accompanying illustration of cigar butt selling on the street will do);

•  INTERNAL REVENUE RECORD, all 1865-1878, esp. #89 (Sept. 15, 1866),

  1. HARPERS from March 1872;

  2. PUCK from 1877 with cartoon of Samuel Gompers bustling about;

  3. LIFE magazine, May 10, 1888, with poem about cigars;

•  WASP from 1890’s with color illustration of Chinaman and cigar boxes;

•  THE HUB for January 1892 with illustration of a cigar-shaped wagon;

  1. LADIES HOME JOURNAL, Dec. 1908;

  2. JUDGE, (N.S. edition), December 15, 1917. Cigar-related Santa cartoon;

•  Pre-1920 foreign satires & illus about cigar making, selling or smoking;

  1. Any mag, with late 1920’s ad for CREMO saying they are not made with spit;

  2. TOBACCO magazine for May 30, June 6th (or thereabouts), in 1935, with parts                         

  3.         2 and/or 3 of list of “Cigar Brands Filed with the National Tobacco Council”

  4.         which began in the May 23, 1935, issue.

  5. NEW YORKER covers for December 10, 1932 and December 24, 1932;

•  COLLIER’S for July 13, 1946 (for brief note about 8 foot long cigar);

•  Any mag, 1970’s? ad selling plastic duck with cigars sticking up from back;

  1. TOBACCO, TOBACCO WORLD, TOBACCO LEAF & similar magazines         

  2.           especially in long runs;

  3. Cigarette and cigar ads offering collectible blankets, rugs, flannels, flags, satins, buttons, cards, pins, or any other premium 1880-1920.




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