The Perfect Package...

          What is it?

        Does it exist?


       Attendees at a marketing conference were polled as to

what they needed or wanted in a package for a retail product.

        Manufacturers, wholesalers, shippers, retailers and consumers (the folks who design, make, use, ship, store, sell

and buy goods in some sort of package) all needed something different. Some needs and wants were obvious and near universal, others quite specific. If everyone’s desires were considered, could one package do it all?  

        Is there a Perfect Package? 

	•  Attracts the customer’s attention
	•  Identifies the contents
	•  Sells the product
	•  Is aesthetically pleasing
	•  Is easy for the retailer to display
	•  Protects the product when dropped or mishandled
	•  Encourages multiple sales
	•  Snugly fits the product; does not ‘over-package’ 
	•  Can be easily adapted to changes in product size
	•  Can be adapted to changing government regulations
    •  Has room for as much ad or warning text as needed
	•  Can quickly adapt to current trends or events
	•  Can be customized for local or niche markets
	•  Can assist in special offers
	•  Is packable by semi-skilled labor or machine
	•  Can be readily shipped anywhere, filled or empty
	•  Is convenient to stack and store on any side
	•  Can be handled safely with no mess or health risk
	•  Can be economically built in large or small quantities
	•  Can be built near or by the ultimate user
	•  Costs less than 5% of the product inside
	•  Is made from readily available renewable resources 
	•  Is ecologically sound, non toxic, and biodegradable
	•  When empty, can be a container for other items
	•  Can be dismantled for other uses by the consumer

        Wow!  That’s asking a lot.  But before you say there’s no package that can do all that, perhaps I should tell you that there actually is one...and ONLY one...

and that it was first created more than 200 years ago.

        Don’t believe me? 

        COMPARE this package to the list above, and you’ll see why experts call this the most perfect man-made package of its age.


The trimmed nailed wood cigar box.

Knew it all the time, didn’t you?

What you may not know:

2,000,000,000,000 cigars were made in the U.S. between 1762 and 1962.

To  pack them all in boxes containing 100 would have required 20,000,000,000 cigar boxes. But most were boxes of 50, 25 and 10.

Fifty BILLION U.S. cigar boxes is a conservative estimate. That’s a lot of boxes for collectors to find and enjoy.

Happy Hunting.

Intro rewritten  8-25-11